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I have a doubt in Light chapter. Please help.

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Kindly answer the "Exercise" Question. I have tried this way. Kindly check whether it is correct.
1 Attachment
Apparent Depth = |dw:1334728666632:dw| = 50/(4/3) + 10(1.5) = 37.5 + 6.33
Shift = |dw:1334728756502:dw| = 50 [ 1 - {1/(4/3}] + 10 [ 1- {1/1.5}]

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Other answers:

@Mani_Jha bhai, please help.
@Ishaan94 please help.
I'll be back in a moment.
@apoorvk bhai, please try.
One sec, which medium is optically denser - glass or water? Did you account for that?
@srinidhijha bhai, @wasiqss bhai, please help.
@Aadarsh mu1 and mu2 need to be checked. Mu values change when you are travelling from water to glass or vice-versa instead of air to glass. because in the formula, we consider the "relative mu"
Okay, I want to know whether I am rite or wrong.
my god, what courses do you have: there are syntax errors in the questions: Find the apparent depth and apparent shift of an object placed at the bottom of the a vessel containing a glass slab of thickness 10 cm and water of height 50cm. as shown in the figure. -> what is : at the bottom of the a vessel, it's like reading shakespeare. But ok, i can understand the question, but i don't see the picture. Can you rescan it?
Or were you scanning the page just to show the error?
OK, so assuming the next situation:
@fretje , ur diagram is correct now. The question is correct now. I got that formulae from the study material which contains these questions.
@salini , @Ruchi. , @Sarkar please help me and post the answer.
it nt of class 11
Okay, but can u explai me @Ruchi. ?? Please. Whether i am correct/
@neha2050 diid, please try.
@rockstar111 please try.
mujh to question hi smj me nhi aa rha hai kya .
O @neha2050 didi, koshish kijiye. Samajh mein aayega.
Aadarsh tumhe sawaal samajh mein nahi aa raha, use solve karna nnahi aa raha, ya answers nahi aa rahe?
Mujhe answers check karna hai bas!!
Okay, I 'll solve it, and get back to you on this.
@aadarsh when is your deadline?
u can calculate apparent depth of the object from r.i(mui)=real depth /apparent depth the only issue here being that you will be taking r.i of glass with respect to water by apparent shift wat do u mean ?