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Does anyone have a good topic or idea to write about for a short story?

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How long do you want your short story to be?
And what genre would you want? Sad, happy, serious, silly..
It's always good for an author to write about something they can relate to. Choose something that interests you. If you like stories about children and you love to have animals in your story, maybe write something about a child who finds a puppy. Just brainstorm and it will come to you! (:

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Other answers:

Well, the short story has to be put into a script form, and my teacher just LOVES the whole lovey-dovey Nicholas Sparks-esque kind of plot, and the length of the story doesn't matter. I just need a basic plot and whatnot :P
So, like a play? Is that what you mean?
I have never read Nicholas Sparks. xD
You could write about, like, two old high school sweet-hearts finding each other one day and getting married. Hahahaha, I have no idea. It really is up to you and what you enjoy writing. Everyone likes to write different genres according to their personality and things, so just start writing and it will come to you.
A playwright or a script more of it, really. Nicholas Sparks novels are such like "A Walk To Remember" "Dear John" "The Vow" and "The Notebook". Basically any almost movie with Chaning Tatum as the perfect man. LOL
Never seen any of those movies :p haha well, the same rules apply. Just think of what you like to write about. Maybe if you fantasize/day dream about something involving yourself, you could use that as your idea and just create different characters and stuff. It's kind of hard to just tell someone what to write about, because you need to feel the work.
Just having massive brainfarts and writer's block is all, but thanks! :D
Haha, I hate when that happens! Well, good luck and you're welcome! (:
Maybe take something that happened in your life that maybe has to do with a relationship or crush and use that as a base for your story? You could always make it a bit more dramatic and over exaggerated if you get writers block again.

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