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need help im going to draw a triangle and im doing the law of sines so if anyone can help please do cuz im confused.. please click this to helpp

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Do you need to find a?
so let me explain im trying to find a okay c=96.3, b=145.67 , B=39.5degrees, C=74.2degrees,

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Other answers:

law of sines is a/sinA=b/sinB
Sine rule says: SinA/a = SinB/b = SinC/c
okay i understand that waitt why is it sina/a instead of a/sin a
SinA/a = Sin(39.5)/145.67 SinA = a*something
Because they mean the same thing. A/B = C/D => B/A = D/C
waitt does it even matter
okay im not understanding
You can find angle A by simply subtracting angles B and C from 180.
okay i understand which would be 66.8
Then, use this: SinA/a = Sin(39.5)/145.67 SinA = a*something SinA/something = a To find a.
SinA/a = SinB/b = SinC/c IS SAME AS a/SinA = b/SinB = c/SinC
but then a would be .00436
I am getting 210.5
That "something" in my expression is 0.00436. Divide Sin66.8 by that "something" value. Then, you get the value of a.
really then let me try again...... im still not getting that are you multiplying or dividing
SinA/a = Sin(39.5)/145.67 SinA = a*0.00436 a = SinA/0.00436 a = Sin66.8/0.00436 a = 210.5
im not getting it first you divided than you did something else im so confused
i also had another question
Post it separately.
i dont understand
Which part don't you understand? :) I can help you.
okay, so instead of 66.8 its 66.3
im so fustrated im confusedd
Punch it into the calculator and you get slightly different number from 210.5
SinA/a = Sin(39.5)/145.67 SinA = a*0.00436 a = SinA/0.00436 a = Sin66.3/0.00436 a = 210
i neeed helpppp
i got -47.99
Check your calculator first. I'm guessing you're getting different answers because your calculator is not in degree mode. That's why it's treating your angles differently.
wait no i got -110.05
How in the world can a length of a side of a triangle be negative? Can you show the arithmetic you used to get that number?
yeppp m ycalculator wasnt in degree mode so let me try again
yayy i got 209.69
Good....close enough to 210. :)
next problem b=58.2 c=68.3 C=51.3 degrees were gunna find a
At this point, it is simply plugging in values into that sine rule ratios and cranking out numbers in a calculator. There is not much help you need.
yeaa but i want to do it my self then have someone do it so i can nn check my answer to make sure its correct
i got 7105. 88
is my answer correct thats all im asking
It can't be that big.
Angles are almost close to each other. So, side lengths have to be close to each other too.
well i must be doing something wrong but sin68.3/51.3=.018111746
b=58.2 c=68.3 C=51.3 degrees SinB/b = SinC/c => SinB = 58.2 * Sin(51.3)/68.3 => SinB = 0.665 B = 41.68
becuase i couldnt find A or B so i figured they were the same by suntracting 180-51.3
ohhh ok so u must follow the formula
Now that you know B, you find A by doing 180 - 51.3 - 41.68 = 87
noww i get it
SinA/a = SinC/c => a = c * SinA/SinC => a = 68.3 * Sin(87)/Sin(51.3) => a = 87.4
@dessyk The following variations of Law of Sines are the same: \[\frac{a}{\sin(A)} = \frac{b}{\sin(B)}=\frac{c}{\sin(C)}\] and \[\frac{\sin(A)}{a}=\frac{\sin(B)}{b}=\frac{\sin(C)}{c}\]
He got that. :)
ok :)
i have another question but hoew did you get 41. sometrhing but i got 45.42
You mean for B = 41? I did the inverse sine function on the value 0.665.
yes, ohh reallyy you see im confused now i thought u just i thought u just took .6650*68.3=45.42
Sin(B) = 0.665 => B = inverse sine (0.665). On the calculator, you have to first press 0.665. Then, inv button, then the sin button.
That gives you angle B.
i didnt get that
dessyk.. nice drawing.. :) :)
thank you i guesss lol can yoiu help me!!
what is the question
its up above next problem b=58.2 c=68.3 C=51.3 degrees were gunna find a
law of sines
i didn't see above but u can find it very easily.. the formula is sin a / a = sin b / b = sin c / c or a /sin a = b / sin b = c / sin c use any of them what caters ur problem
okay but when i tried i started to get fustrated because i wasnt getting the righ tanswer
did my answer help u even a bit or not ?
a little bit its just that i need help going through the process
get it?

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