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An APP for OS , WATSAY ?????

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An app would be very difficult because of all the feautres we have in openstudy but when made for windows 8 it will excel truly because it can handle it but to do so we ill need to work together and get the premission of @Owlfred
Yea , because OS is far better than other social networking sites, but "no app" , makes it difficult to access , as compared with FB and twitter. Moreover there are many people who even dont know what OS is. Infact in my college , hardly anyone knows OS ! :-(
@waheguru , I really hope in future we'll have "an app for OS " ! :-)

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Other answers:

But typing all the math with small preview screen on your android or ios, would be a cumbersome task. Unless you wanna chat, for which an app would be good enough.
I don't think \(\Large\mathrm{ \color{orangered}{\LaTeX}}\) works on iOS or android, does it?
Well, yes that's a wonderful suggestion, and an idea that has been on my mind as well for some days now. It 'll make it really handy to clear doubts and get help on the go. The basic OS app for now can now have the following features: 1. Basic features of posting questions 2. Getting a notification when there is an answer, and being redirected to that answer directly on clicking the app (with settings to disable it ofcourse) 3. There will be a toolbox for equations. 4. Limited multi-subject support (changing options in a drop-down menu) 5. Search "questions to answer". This^^ can be the "OpenStudy Lite" Optionally, (this can be done later, or simultaneously) the "OS+" app may have the following features as well (if we want to go really high end, to keep pace with advancing technology): A. A file upload feature. B. In cases where the model supports pen/touch drawing input support (like the Samsung Galaxy NOTE, and this is something which most models will support a couple of years), we can include an instant draw-and-upload feature as well. C. A more real time software, where the questions dynamically appear as they get posted, and the user gets to select the question he wants to answer, touches and it morphs into the screen, displaying the complete question. D. Multi-subject support (tab-wise) (Device Memory will have to be high to run the program smoothly I guess) Coding the OS App for Android, iOS and/or Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms will have to be done quite differently ofcourse, since their hardware supports are quite different. Though first work can begin on the Android (I believe its already "Api the Droid" :P - if that wasn't the bot-fix) and the iOS app.
Srivatsan, used to tell me how odd it look when I had the habit of giving spaces between punctuation. I guess now I can see why ;-)
Amazing @apoorvk Very well framed !
haha@FoolForMath I agree.
By "search questions to answer" in #5, I meant only two or three questions appear at a time, with option to load more. (ofcourse 'searching' questions is non-sense) Also the OS+ could have the option to view "Closed Questions".
He keep telling me till I change the habit lol (I guess 3-4 times).
@Ishaan94 it would be cumbersome , but science and technology has an answer for everything. Who knew one day Android would become a necessity and apple a luxury ? It would take time and efforts indeed , but an option of app , would take OS to an altogether different level.
I guess you changed for the better :-)
I did! :D
thanks to @anjali_pant for posting this suggestion and opening the topic to discussion here, or I would never have summed up the energy to type out those ideas :p
Android is not a necessity as long as you have this
Lol! That's my first phone :D
I still have it, the screen doesn't work though.
Might not be for you , but as far as I know , its for many ! @Ishaan94
Your most welcum @apoorvk
@anjali_pant: I am sorry, I don't mean to gibe. It's just I think you can try and change this habit too :)
which habbit ? Actually I have many friends who are just mad about android , and thats what made me post that to ishaan. No personal stuff !
its there necessity because apple apps are expensive as compared to android !
"which habbit ? Actually I have many friends who are just mad about android , and thats what made me post that to ishaan. No personal stuff !" "which habbit? Actually I have many friends who are just mad about android, and thats what made me post that to ishaan. No personal stuff!" Just like Fullstop, no other punctuation marks takes space before :)
lol ! Have this bad habbit of sms lingo n stuff ! My apologies ! :p
@FoolForMath Moreover no essay writing match going here. When it will be , surely I'll beat you there. lol :p
Okay then, we have an essay-competition on OS sometime >>> NEW IDEA!! :P
YO ! :p
Hmm how does Wordpess's \(\large\mathrm{\color{orangered}{\LaTeX}}\) works? When I click on it, I don't get the option to view the source, more like an image, same is with the wikpedia I think.
@apoorvk knows the best of latex ! lol
Okie friends time to go. Thanks for your response ! Hopefully we'll have the app soon . Good Night , see you all tom! :-)
@farmdawgnation what do we take that wink for? :P I am guessing some good-news soon. :D
@apoorvk hope so ! fingers crossed ! :p
Wordpress and Wikipedia do a server-side rendering of the LaTeX to an image, which is then embedded inline. MathJax is a more dynamic approach.
ohh so what's the difference between MathJax and LaTeX. MathJax is on client side?
LaTeX refers to a set of macros built on top of a specific markup language (TeX) that is used to typeset documents. Amongst other things, TeX includes very good math markup and excellent math typesetting. LaTeX proper is generally run on the command line and produces a DVI file (DeVice Independent). These are not in particularly popular use now, so most people use something like pdflatex to produce a PDF instead. It's possible to chain tools like pdflatex and pdf2png to generate images from LaTeX markup. This is the kind of strategy employed by wikipedia and Wordpress. MathJax is a partial implementation of the math portion of LaTeX on the client side, so that there's no server side running of anything needed: you just type LaTeX (or a subset thereof), and MathJax interprets it and does some (really nasty, I might add) DOM wrangling and font juggling and a bunch of other stuff to produce beautiful looking equations.

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