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A department store plans to upgrade its IT infrastructure to support a new order-processing application with rich features. The store currently uses eight stand-alone computers when customers check out. The specifications of these computers are: Quad core processors Minimum of one terabyte hard drives Minimum of 5 GB RAM Windows 7, Linux, or Mac OSX The management of the store wants to upgrade four of the computers and use them to process client orders. The initial study done by the management reveals that the computers will perform the following tasks:

Computer Science
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Is there more of the setup and question forthcoming?
The department store needs you to upgrade the four computers. Find the necessary equipment from online vendors to upgrade the computers
submit a cost report, a list of hardware/software needed, and a labor estimate for upgrading the four computers

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Other answers:

Shouldn't be a difficult taks, you might want to add the information concerning the tasks that these four systems will be performing. Given the task you just need to check various software packages that do that task and check recommended system requirements. Once all the tasks are addressed you compare costs and create a report.. Done! :)
Can I get a accurate answer please?
Like can you just answer it in simple words please
A specific answer would require myself to do all the research and I just do not have the time nor desire to do that. I can provide suggestions on prioritizing tasks however. 1. Review the tasks the systems are to perform 2. Do an internet search for software solutions to those tasks and make a list of those you find. 3. Compare the costs of each software package with the options/features they offer and create an ordered list from most desired to least. (Do this for each task) 4. Using the system requirements published by the software vendors, create a list of required hardware that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of ALL software. 5. Create a list to build one complete system using all of the preceeding hardware and multiply it by the number of systems needed. 6. Do another internet search to find the best hardware price and shipping cost from various vendors. (I would suggest using as a starting point) 7. Compile a database consisting of the hardware/cost/shipping/vendor for each of the items you are required to purchase, this will an easy reference for where you would get your parts and how much it would cost. 8. Estimate, or call a shop, the time to build one system and multiply that by the number of systems needed. 9. Take all of the data collected and present it in a report. This is just a time consuming task, but then due dilligence always is. :)
"The initial study done by the management reveals that the computers will perform the following tasks:" what are the tasks? BTW those machines are vastly overpowered for a department store

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