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2 questions now: I didn't want to close the question I have listed last because I still see it as a problem. So anyways the other question is: What is the point in having to wait for your question to be closed before you can ask another one in the feedback group? That seems a little weird to me. How do I make the window for copying the LaTeX show for more than a second so I can actually copy it without retyping everything?

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I'm trying my best to imagine exactly what it is you're trying to convey.
Can you give a step by step scenario of your situation?
Ok pretend like I put \[x=\ln(\frac{5 \pm \sqrt{17}}{4})\]

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Other answers:

But when I try to copy it the window does not stay open long enough for me to actually copy it
Why would you need to "copy" it? Doesn't it just re-appear in the text box after you hit the "insert" button?
When I right click on the image, it gives me an option to go to "show math as" and then "TeX commands" I can copy things just fine from this window without it closing. \[x=\ln(\frac{5 \pm \sqrt{17}}{4})\]
Oh that...
Sometimes I want to use something I put in LaTeX over again but I have to retype it all because the freakin' window doesn't stay open long enough and it won't let me open the window so I can copy anything.
Yeah, mine does strange things when I click that too. My window doesn't automatically display when I click that. I have to literally right click on the auto-minimized window and hit "maximize" in order to see anything. But it allows me enough time to copy and it doesn't disappear until I want it to.
I'm using Google Chrome OS btw
Right now I have a lot of those Mathjax equation windows minimized but when I try to open any of them they will not open!
I'm using chrome too.
You have to right-click, then hit "maximize". Try it and see what happens.
I was able to right click, maximize window, then copy and paste this into equation editor: \[x=\ln(\frac{5 \pm \sqrt{17}}{4})\]
Ok that works. But I prefer I didn't have to do that. lol
It's a lot more work than the previous setup OS had but at least it works.
That's nothing compared to the lagging issue I've been having lately.
Maybe we need to adjust our pop-up settings?
myininaya: I also use chrome as use the same method that KingGeorge described above, i.e.: When I right click on the image, it gives me an option to go to "show math as" and then "TeX commands" I can copy things just fine from this window without it closing. It works fine for me.
by "image" I mean the equation I want to copy
Yes this method doesn't work for me so I don't know what I'm suppose to do to make it work for me.
Me neither
so what happens when you right click on the equation? what do you see?
What kind of black magic are you guys practicing so I can use it? :)
That's the method I prefer to use @asnaseer, but unfortunately, it doesn't at the moment.
hero/myininaya: when you say it doesn't work - what DOES it do when you right click on the equation?
Ok so when I follow the process of kinggeorge the window stays open for maybe like a deci-second.
wow! can I have a watch like yours myininaya - deci-second accuracy! :D
what operating system do you have - I have Mac OSX Lion
What about browser version also? I've got the chrome beta loaded up on windows 7.
there is an issue reported on MathJax:
Windows 7 I don't know what version of Chrome.
I have Chrome 15.0.874.106 (you can usually click on the Help -> About menu in Windows to find this myininaya)
This does however look very much like the problem reported 21 days ago on Mathjax:
18.0.1025.152 m
Is that the number you want?
The issue has been closed so I assume they must have issued an update - maybe OS hasn't got the update yet?
Working with 19.0.1084.24 beta-m
myininaya - you have the version that this issue was reported against
Right I have seen this problem for awhile now. I thought maybe it would change soon and I'm so annoyed with it. :(
maybe one the UI guys at OS can verify whether they have the latest version of Mathjax or not?
Well too bad I can only give one medal. I appreciate all of you wanting to help.
That's ok myininaya - I'm helping because you are such a nice person - not for the medals :)
You prefer chocolate. I forgot.
lol! of course! :D
I am facing this issue too. For me the windows opens but it's in some form of minimize state and I have to maximize it every-time.
My chrome version is : "18.0.1025.162 m" and it's saying that it is up to date.
I think I have got the solution for this problem. The second URL suggests t's a Google chrome bug and that this issue is fixed in the beta version.
Whle reading MSE meta: doesnt work on my laprop...but works with safari on my desktop o.O
@myininaya Thank you so much for putting this on. I've been wondering about the same things like "Closing" suggestions and feedbacks are simply pointless, since they may not have been solved, or are good enough to be used later. So makes sense to exempt this group from the single-question system, or we can have a limit of upto 2-3 or likewise no. of threads 'open' at a time. @FoolForMath As for the next one, in my case when I right-click on the LaTeX equation, and and click on "MathML Codes" or "TeX commands" under "Show Math As", a new window opens up, but am unable to maximize that when I click on it, but it stays on the taskbar. may be what you posted should help me out, I use Chrome as well.
sooo...only safari is compatible with showing those tex?
Chrome beta is also compatible.
Hey ! This closing and opening of question is indeed a problem of many. But even today we just have the same option , so only mods can bring about the change. Lets hope for the best. And as far as latex is concerned , ask @apoorvk or @lgbasallote , they are pretty good at it ! :p
No, @anjali_pant we just know how code, (atleast me), but the internal details of why the TeX commands aren't showing up, if there's bug or what the technicalities are, I am pretty "illiterate" about that!
@Ishaan94 is the best in latex as far as im concerned :P @FoolForMath is pretty goood with some math-y latex too haha
@Myin for the latex thing I just do a screen capture :D
and Firefox is compatible guyss
Hey guys, So as @asnaseer mentioned, this is a bug that has been filed on MathJAX. We pull our copy of MathJAX from their servers - so we have the latest code. However, the bug was only fixed a week ago, and it doesn't look like there has been a release since then. Whenever they release the next version of MathJAX this will automagically be fixed on OpenStudy.
Oh, also: "What is the point and having to wait for your question to be closed before you can ask another one in the feedback group? That seems a little weird to me." My response to that question is simply that we didn't see the point in coding an exception specifically for Feedback. The benefit didn't seem to justify the effort, as it were.

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