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does cholesterol = fats?

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Here is a website that answers that question:
both of them are very important lipids but are not the same thing at all. the choleterol is a steroid, derived from a five ringed structure called ciclopentanoperhidrofenantreno with lateral radicals frow which derive products as important as sex hormones. fats are very big molecules resulting from glycerol which is an 3- C alcohol and three fatty acid chains, each one bonded through an esther linkage to each of the carbon atoms. also tryglycerids. cholesterol can be found in the biological membranes and fats can be the ones stored as a source of energy, specially visible is we are a little overweighted! there is another class, phospholipids but you did not ask about these. good riddance!
Fat becomes cholesterol when you have too much fat.

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Other answers:

- so you have thought it hence - that adding diesel particles to cholesterol fats ...
its quiet correct, having too much fat result of high cholesterol.
Having to much fat doesn't result in high cholesterol, it's a cascade between HDL and VDL & VLDL. If a balance between VDL & HDL is maintaned cholesterol will remain within acceptable margins. to simplify it, VDL carries cholesterol to your tissue. while HDL esterifies it with fattyacid chains into "Cholesteryl ester".. simply put it clears tissues of cholesterol. Most important thing about maintaining a marginal cholesterol is a balance between HDL & LDL. Most medication is aimed at either lowering the absorbation ability of cholesterol in the food intake, or it's synthesis in the liver from Acyl-CoA
in english? :(

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