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ubuntu question. my version is no longer supported. if i update to 11.4 will that mess up my partition (dual boot ubuntu and windows 7)?

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I had to look up ubuntu I am obviously no help.
yeah i like linux but an not as savvy as i need to be about these things
I use ubuntu via dual boot, but I never really tried updating it.

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Other answers:

using ubuntu 99.9% of the time
@FoolForMath I think satellite should be the first you should ban for posting in the wrong section :P
@FoolForMath what version are you running? yeah i know, not math...
For me No Mathematica -> No ubuntu :(
only you have that license sat...
You mean upgrade to 11.4 from an earlier version? It shouldn't. I've upgraded multiple times on a dual-boot hard drive with no problems. If you have issues, you can always reinstall grub.
I think it's 8 or 9.
@roycekimmons thanks. i get the message automatically to upgrade but i have been afraid to do it because i didn't know if it would change all my settings and also mess with the partition. is it like a whole new operating system or does it just update some stuff?
and "you can always reinstall grub" is the kind of thing that makes me nervous because i don't really know what that means.
It'll just upgrade your packages on Ubuntu, not touching the Windows partition. I don't think it'll reinstall/mess with grub (which is the boot loader to determine whether to boot to Windows or Ubuntu), but that's the only thing I can think of that might throw you for a loop. If it did, it just means that you wouldn't have the option to go to Windows on start up. In which case, Windows would still be there, but you would just need to reinstall grub so that it would detect it. There is also the possibility of driver incompatibilities with your hardware, but that's probably nothing to worry about. This is all worst case scenario talk. You should be good. Bottom line: you should backup before you upgrade, but you should be just fine to do so.
thank you so much. i think i will wait until the weekend when i have a couple hours to devote to it should problems arise.
That's a good idea. From my experience, upgrades have always gone smoothly, but with Ubuntu sometimes you just don't know and it can be hard to get support.
but it does save all my settings etc right? desktop and so on? it took me a long time to get it to where i wanted it.
not like uninstalling and reinstalling windows where everything starts from ground zero
It should keep things, but there are some changes that might override settings (like the HUD replacing your menu). And if you've installed a lot of additional packages, I'm not sure if all that will shift over without issues (like earlier versions of Compiz).
thanks again

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