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Is it just me..or everyone... When I gt on OS, and I'll be on for a couple minutes, then my internet starts to freeze and shut all my windows down. It only happens with OS, not other sites(Like my email, chats, Muzy whatever)... I was wondering if maybe OS was doing something new and it's just loading, or whatever? And if it's just me or everyone?

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^ I think that answers your question, no? :P
xD Did you understand how I worded it? I reread it and I confused myself.

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Other answers:

It happens to me sometimes, it says: Oh noes, it crashed! on Google Chrome :/
I'm not sure what you mean by "shut my windows down".... OH do you mean a Tab Crash like what zepp just described?
Better known as the "Aww snap" screen. haha
LOL Wow. On OS it says lost the connection, then my internet crashes down. Not my internet connection, just my windows open. :P
Are you seeing this error?
Oh yeah, the snap thing xD I'm not. O_o
What browser are you using?
Ah, Firefox might handle that problem differently. It's probably the same issue.
Oh, that lost connection? I had this 'problem' just because my connection was extremely bad.
Okay, what I'm saying is... It doesn't happen when I have my email or twiddla open or school(this is my school computer). Only OS. As soon as I open OS, my comp starts to freak out saying "Not Responding" and it says "Firefox just crashed!" and yeah..It's lame. :P
Yeah, so here's the deal. The Aww Snap screen is the same as a crash in Firefox. It's related to some of the client-side code we run. It's entirely possible that if our code is going haywire you *could* see the Connection Lost message before it happens. Since Firefox doesn't have the Aww Snap screen - that could be why your windows are just closing instead of showing some error. Wouldn't be the first time Firefox didn't have a failsafe for something like that.
In short, we know it is happening, but haven't been able to isolate it yet. It is what we call a "Heisenbug" - as soon as we start looking for it, it disappears. :(
Ohh okay. I got it now... So it isn't just me? Lemme clarify that to make sure I'm nt behind. O_o
No, it's not just you. Everyone on the OpenStudy team has seen it at least. We just haven't been able to track it down. Very frustrating. heh.
That said, we're going to keep trying to figure out what's going on. Sorry we haven't been able to fix it yet.
Hm... I don't wanna be an Ambie no more if I would be on the OS team. O_o Haha. Jk. I'd be willing to help. :P But, okay. I get it. ^_^ Thanks Farm. :D

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