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these have been pointed out before but i would like to tell these again:

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1.Offline users are sometimes shown with in the online users list 2.people i have fanned are shown offline in fans online list but are aactually online in online users list 3.are smartscores fixed for now .should we expect any more changes? 4.message sending does not always occur in first try thanks
another id like to add...most of the data in our profiles have discrepancies...the left hand side is NOT equal to the right hand side :(
Hey @AravindG - thanks for the post, and hopefully I can answer you (if not one of the dev team will be sure to correct me here ;). 1) Aware of and are in the process of implementing that fix. 2) This is actually related to #1, so also in the process of being fixed. 3) SmartScores will probably continue to go through different iterations, though I can assure you they aren't 'broken' ;). We'll be informing you of changes/updates as we go. 4) We're aware of this issue also, and are in the process of working on it. 5) (@lgbasallote's point) There are some reasons for that, but I'll let @dpflan (the SmartScore guru) explain those as his explanation will be far better than my own. Hopefully this helps! We'll be sure to keep you up to date on all of these points (and more) as we go forward, cheers!

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Other answers:

@AravindG What do you mean by fixed? The scores are created from the analysis of you relative raw score versus those of all other users. You score can and will change depending upon your actions on the site. There will be more changes as we continue to improve the algorithm and the variables we examine.
*Your score
@dpflan i meant that should i expect any sudden change in my no again because first time i was 99 then next day 69
Yes, the first day the score was deployed, we were adjusting our algorithm for score calculation. Everyone's score experienced a massive shift like yours form 99 to 69.
But, such massive shifts are not anticipated to occur again, but we are continually improving the system. We will keep users informed of such changes so that they may be prepared. If you are discouraged by your downward shift, keep in mind that the system was relative, and that meant in the first deploy that you and many many other users actually fell into the 99 score range. This gave a lopsided distribution that was not representative, so we had to shift our ranges and tweak our calculation. A 69 is not a bad score in our system, though it does bare resemblance to conventional %-letter grade systems at school.
ya tht resemblence makes me a bit discouraged :(

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