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IF I think that Jesus is REALLY REALLY great and awesome why should I become a christian? Wouldn't it be more reasonable to become jewish than christian? Jesus was a jew and if I would think that he is the man than I should worship the religion that he choose to be the best instead of worshiping him or his father/god. So why did Jesus followers became christians instead of jews?

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Because Jews don't believe in Jesus! Therefore, even though Jesus is indeed Jewish, He will not allow them into Heaven unless they accept Him. If you were to go to a Jewish service, you would find that they only have the Old Testament, I believe, in their Bibles. Meaning they don't want to accept what's in the New Testament by only reading about the works of God and not Jesus. Jesus and God are one in the same and you can't worship one and not the other. That's not how it works. You must worship them both. That might be a little confusing, so to put it shortly, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and God are one in the same the same way you could be/are a son, father, nephew, brother, husband, etc. etc. all at the same time. Jesus' followers became Christians because Jews didn't accept Jesus. Does that help?
If you say Jews don't believe in Jesus do you mean that they think that there never was a person called jesus or that they don´t support the idea that jesus is the son of god and god (and the holy spirit)? I guess I would feel the same way if the pope would be a jew. He is the head of one religious organization and jet he believes personally in a different religious organization.
Jews believe the messiah has not arrived yet, but he is still to come. In Islam Jesus is a prophet and not the son of god. Christians believe Jesus was in fact the son of god.

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Other answers:

So Jesus himself did not saw himself as the messiah?
Well the jews of today remain jews because they do not believe Jesus was the messiah. In Jesus's day Some jews converted to believe in Jesus, and hence became Christians ('Christ' meaning 'Messiah'), and yes Jesus believed himself to be the messiah, he believed he was the son of god.
For the record I'm agnostic.
But if Jesus believed that he is the messiah he wouldn't be jewish if that´s whats separates them.
Well he was just born jewish. In judaism they expect the coming of the messiah. So if all jews had accepted him as the messiah, there would probably not be anything called christianity today, since there would be nothing to separate christianity and judaism. Christianity is simply judaism + believing that Jesus was the son of god.
So Jesus was born as a jew but died as "not-jew"?
Had they accepted him it would be a whole different story though, since he wouldn't have been crucified
Hehe I guess you could say that
Ok. But he did not get crucified because he said that he was the messiah or did he? I thought the romans didn't mind about that kind of stuff and that there was another reason for them do dislike him.
Yeah as far as I know the jews made sure he was crucified, because it was blasphemy to say that you were the son of god. I think the romans even gave the jews a choice, between freeing a murderer or freeing Jesus.
You're correct Bounty! :)
Hmmm so the jews made sure it happened but the romans did the job then?
Yeah they ruled the land, and they were interested in keeping peace. Jesus was causing a lot of fuss, and the romans probably thought that he might cause a "civil war" between the jews and the new christians. Crucifying Jesus seemed to satisfy the people living there (Palestine), and hence to keep the people calm and satisfied, that is what the romans did.
So if I want to be super precise than saying that the jews killed jesus is wrong because the romans did it. Ok thanks for helping to enlighten me ;) I never could get my head around the idea that christians worship a jew but now it makes more sense. Thanks a lot BountyThief and LifeIsADangerousGame.
You're welcome :)

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