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Recently, a new commercial from the national corporation of Apple premiere during ESPN Sportcenter was promoting the new Iphone 4s. This network advertisement features actor Samuel L. Jackson and Siri, the company's virtual voice controlled assistant on the iphone 4s. The commercial has two formats; the presenter and the demonstration. The presenter of this ad is Samuel L. Jackson, since he is the celebrity figure using the apple Iphone 4s. This commercial takes place in Samuel L. Jackson's home showing him cooking in preparation for a date night. The other format in the ad is demonstration because of Jackson's interaction with Siri showing one of its unique capabilities of voice-command function. Jackson commanded Siri to complete a series of tasks for him, for instance, to get a needed measurement for a cooking condiment cup, canceling an appointment, and searching for an organic market while creating a list of the remaining food for him to purchase. Apple target audience is broad from the young to the old, and for the average to the professional people. In addition, the Iphone 4S voice recognition system can appeal to people doing activities like jogging, driving, cooking, and doing other activities that do not allow one to fully operate a phone. My overall reaction is that I really enjoyed how they used Samuel L. Jackson in the commercial interacting with Siri on the iphone 4s, but one problem I had with the commercial is that Siri has not been known to have a good voice-recognition technology and one usually has to command Siri about three times before it recognizes what one is saying. The way Samuel L. Jackson was easily telling Siri what he needed without any problem was a little unbelievable, but beside that issue I enjoy watching the commercial. (there you go!)

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