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In the chats I am not writing some things but its under my user and it can get worse

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Well who did you give your password to?
no one i changed it a couple mins ago

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Other answers:

what were you and lgb hiding from us anyway? JW cuz right after your secret thing, he dissapeared
That just made everyone suspicious of it
sorry he left i guess
it already said se* so @cshalvey help
in math chat
Hey @applerocks - what's happening exactly?
someone is on my account and saying bad things
huh @karatechopper why did my name come up o.O
nvm it
@lgbasallote u will know later
hmm okay then. i hope im not in trouble :(
CS mi back
can we have a less longer suspension since i changed my password
@cshalveny more bad words
and people think its me so help O.o
Did you give anyone your password?
why would i
areens!! mah sis! see we think alike! i asked tht a long time ago! lol
i have it locked in my locker at school
you can't have a online password locked in a locker when you can tell people your password verbally and over message on OpenStudy
just sayin..
@karatechopper lol, great minds think alike :D @applerocks what do you mean it was in ur locker? Could it be possible that somehow it fell out of it and someone hacked into it?
@GOODMAN lemme tell u my evidence i found?
maybe but i don't thing i wrote the sight down thought they might have saw me on openstudy and then
@cshalvey still here?
Well, now that you have total control over your account, have you changed your password so no one else can get into it?
uhmm...hypothetical question...why did you write it in a piece of paper and put it in a locker?
he must have gotten on to it at school and was worried he may forget password so he wrote it down
then why leave it in a locker?
I can't remember my password so i wrote it down and after school i come to openstudy
leaving it in a locker is the only place to keep it safe
then where my pocket i could lose it there
hmm so the scenario is since you might forget your password you wrote it in a piece of paper..this means you acknowledge your forgetfulness...then you leave it a went home..logged in...about right?
i have ,y password on a sheet of paper at home and at school
oh i you have a sheet of paper for the lock combo for your locker too?
oh so you think you can discard me
I think your system is hacked! or your ID is been hacked which you have submitted in OS by the out siders if not then @cshalvey will help you in this! he's a nice guy!!
Or have you accepted any no subject mails in your email!! my concern is that dont do that so!! other wise or PC will also get hacked!
LOOL colm has been on this for a long time:)
lol @applerocks that does that me too.
anyway all you have to is change ur password like hard words
I did and @cshalvey suspended me so my account was locked so no one can get on my account know

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