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A farmer lives on a cattle property in westen queensland and is considering installing large water tanks connected together to collect rainwater that runs off the roof of the family house. the farmer has heard that you are something of a expert in this area and is seeking your assistance to investigate which of the two different size tanks they should install. consider the following when making your decision: - when one tank fills the runoff will start to fill the second tank. when the sexond tank is full the third (if present) will start to fill. there is still more to continue *sigh*

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- the roof of the family house is 22 metres long and 15 metres wide. - the average yearly rainfall over the last 20 years at their property has been 170mm. - they can only purchase the one tank size bus as many of that one size as required. still more *sigh*
o Make recommendations as to the size and number of that one size as required. reference to cose and other factors that may influence your final decision. o Reflect on the effectiveness of this mathematice model, including recognition of strenghts, weaknesses and limitations. in doing so it is important that you recognise any assumptions that you have made. tank 1: 4.8 metres in diameter tank 2: 3.8 metres in diameter 2 metres in hight 2.2 metres in hight cost: (including installation) 5500/tank. cost: (including installation) 3700/tank. THERE YA GO! please help <3
see the total amount of rainfall in a single year is 170 mm or, 0.17 meter right |dw:1335956082769:dw| so can u calculate the total amount of rainfall that will be collected by this rectangular shape

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Other answers:

@reece12144 u getting it??
actually i have no clue.... unfortunatly.. thanks for the help though...
ok u want to know which tank he should install that should be utilized maximum right so first we need to calculate the total volume of rainfall |dw:1335956383021:dw| calculate the volume of this shape which is having a dimension of 22*15*0.17
it will come out somewhat 56.1 m^3 now we have to calculate the volume of both the tank
i know that the formula for a cylinder is like piR^2H so pi*r^2*H? thats the volume of a cylinder which is the tanks?
right now solve it
the volume of the tank? which tanks are we using? we can only chose one
see the total amount of rainfall is 56.1m^3 right so first calculate the volume for both the tanks then chose the best one
alrighty soooooo... 1st tank = 36.2| 2nd tank = 24.9
now decide which one is better
well i think the second one would be? do you agree?
why second one
well if the total amount of rainfall is 56.1m^3 and two second type tanks equal 49.8 thats closer then the 1st which is like 71....
help me out here im confused
wont we have to turn 56.1m^3 into L or KL?
in second tank if they purchase two tanks it would cost 7400 right and the total capacity would be 49.8m^3 and total rainfall is 56.1m^3 that is remaining 6.3m^3 rainfall left and if they purchase 2 first tank it would cost 11000 and the total capacity would be somewhat 72.4m^3 that is more than 56.1m^3
told you i was confused! yea the first one.... god damm it....
@radar what do u say
I say there sure is a lot of information there. I am sure cost is a consideration, and as you have stated, two of the #2 tanks has the capacity. But I am wondering what is done with the collected water, and is it necessary to have the capacity to store a complete annual rainfall. Only the farmer knows and he didn't say. lol.
Believe it or not, as a kid we collected run off from the house in a 55 gal barrel, it was used though and one barrel was enough, we didn't care if it overflowed so even with all the supplied information, I don't have a solid solution.
then i would prefer to go ahead with the second tank and will suggest to buy two tanks and to store 49.8m^3 of water annually and at a cost of 7400
alright thankyou guys :D greatly appreciated.
It is an open system, there is evaporation, and also a possibility of mosquito larvae. At least in this area mid-America.

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