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I've been having an issue while using Chrome that sometimes my page will just stop responding and it'll ask me to kill the page. It happens most often when I am writing a reply.

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Same problem has happened with me and still continues to "irritate" me. Infact my recent post deals with somewhat the same issue. Do check !
Happens to me too @farmdawgnation @shadowfiend @mattfeury This is confirmation that I'm not the only one this is happening to.
I guess that's good. :)

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Other answers:

... or bad.. depending on your outlook. :|
@Austin_Rain We're aware of this issue. We just haven't managed to nail it down yet. It's been hitting us too. :( @Hero Is this the "Freezing" you've been talking about?
Alright, is there something I could screenshot if it happens, or is this one of those random encounters that involve trial and error?
Nah, if you're getting the "Aw Snap" screen, there's not much you can do. We've turned on logging on our versions of Chrome so we can report it to the Chromium project the next time it happens to one of us here at the office. So at this point, it's a waiting game.
Alright, thanks. :)
But when it wants to kill the page, that only results from lagging issues.
There are two ways that the aw snap screen comes on. One is page slowness, and one is spontaneously. We're seeing the latter happen regularly for us, while the former one is happening very rarely if at all. Nonetheless, @farmdawgnation has already spotted some potential slowness issues, so we'll be fixing those soon. The spontaneous page crashes, we're still looking at.
Awesome! OS TechTeam is staying ontop of things. :D
@shadowfiend "aw snap" screen is very common in my OS-experience :-(
Yeah, it's more common than we would like too. As I said above, we're in a waiting game right now. It needs to happen on my machine again then I can move forward with fixing it.
You should borrow another machine that isn't as optimized as yours.

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