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I think ability to award medal to only one user is not a good idea because many time people ,work together to help and are all worthy of medals.

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i proposed an idea of best supporting answer...they said that they already had plans of fixing the medal system...
because for my all my question , more than one person help, and they all did their best and deserved medals
mine seem to change daily they go up they go down i have no idea what is going on

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Other answers:

ya when the ne system was implemented itself ,i told the mods that older system was good,but they said lets evaluate this system ,then say how it is....nw having evaluated this system i want to say "THE OLD MEDAL SYSTEM WAS BEST"
The old medal system was not better, but this one is certainly worse in a few aspects.
The old one was better. Perhaps the mods could extend this medal giving system to two or three users. I too got stuck like this many times, not being able to decide between two users. Checkout this link. Here there's a huge debate over the same issue, put forward by @apoorvk and supported by the rest ! :-) Anyways, the earlier system of medals was indeed better than the present one :-(
that waas really "LONG"
what was long @AravindG ?
the conversation lols
@apoorvk conversations ? yup "heated debate" . But really nice assertions you'll get to read there. Anyways there's one more problem with OS that I face ; I find it very difficult to reply to a post with multiple replies (lot of hanging stuff while typing). Have you ever faced that ?
occasionally :)
Me too, sometimes.

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