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I'd like to second the idea of a tutorial section. When I first heard others mention it I thought it wouldn't really work, but some users have been posting some nice ones in the math section, and it's a shame that they get mixed in with all the other closed math questions eventually.

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ya really @lgbasallote put some very nice tutorials
It really wouldnt be a bad idea
and many users are ready to make them

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Other answers:

yes, that is who I had in mind^ Also, since we have been talking for a long time about being able to reference earlier questions (which has not yet come to pass), it seems a shortcut to this would be to create a tutorial section, to which we can refer people qith Q's like (what is the volume of this sphere?/ how do I factor this?/ what is the equation of a line passing through this point with slope m?, etc.) I have had to repeat myself so many times it's quite nauseating.
of course, if the tutorial we refer them too does not help them they can always return to us with questions about it. I think it would be easier to explain some concepts if we had a sort of explanation template for a particular type of problem to reference.
ya imagine OS having a separate part on tutorials by the members divided in subtopics ,i bet most of all the topics would be covered !!how nice!! i bet that is a vry effective method of learning
i have learned many concepts from OS well explained by people like @JamesJ i magine their works saved as tutorials would benefit the whole community!!
yes, and having different users explanations of how \(they\) solve a particular problem is valuable JamesJ's tutorial on factoring quadratics may be completely different from FFM's Different students will probably prefer different explanations. You could go so far as to perhaps vote up or down a particular tutorial, putting the highest-voted ones at the top... but now I may be getting ahead of myself.
I like my one and only complete tutorial. It's completely useless, No, I"m not at all advertising for medals ;)
But yea, the idea that @lgb started was quite a good one.
I third it. An in house reference of some type - tutorials, user produced and edited wiki book, whatever - for some of the every day topics in bio would be quite useful.
And also a feature to prohibit users from posting unrelated material on the tutorial threads or commenting comments such as 'thank you', 'very nice'. I think the medal is enough.
We started a conversation internally about this, just FYI. We'll keep you apprised of where it leads.
i have always wanted to see @myininaya do a tutorial..imagine that.a REAL teacher doing a REAL would be epic :D
btw @inkyvoyd i dont think i was the first to do this was i? i mean i've never seen anyone do it..but there probably were some who made ones like it right?
@lgbasallote you were who I had in mind when I thought about this idea, so in a way you pioneered it :) as far as a tutorial from myininaya here's one she gave me on how to factor ANY quadratic by grouping ^^^property of myin, all rights reserved ;)
oh wow im a pioneer :"> haha well im just glad my work was productive ^_^ i was worried they'll just be buried and forgotten hehe and that's soooooo like myin :p hahaha
well here 's an excellent explanation by @JamesJ on rolling motion in an inclined plane,it would be great if such explanations are saved as tutorials ,so that evry physics student here benefits . The idea of a tutorial section is too good....
@Ishaan94 , i have another idea ,the tutorial page should be free frm cmnts and qns...and all our qns and cmnts can be posted on a separate tab relating to the tutorial
that makes the tutorial part a good study material
my only fear for tutorials is that interaction might get lost :( hope not
@lgbasallote it will not!! i thInk it will bring upa massive interaction!! u see the link i have posted above has been viewed by 2 or 3 persons nly at that time, if it was saved as a tutorial i think numerous people will comment on it in the separate tab i suggested !!
and tutorials without comments might be bad...i mean if we make a mistake we'd like the correction to be in the comments so the readers can see
Excellent idea! How/who would (you) decide something is worth to be added to this new section ?
the mods!!
Well, admins technically. ;)
@farmdawgnation any progress on this topic?
If there had been I would have said something, Aravind. :P
thanks ..i really hope this would be implemented
@Vincent-Lyon.Fr Ideally tutorials or a wikibook or reference would be produced according to user demand for a certain subject. I would dearly like to see the tutorials exuras could come up with for the oft-explained physiology problems, or ebaxter on chromatin and epigenetics, or calliope on taxonomy. Also ideally, the production of tutorials would be a collaborative effort by the people in the group who know each subject and have taught it often and know where people hiccup on it.
this idea is so exciting and making me nervous at the same time o.O
*If this is a direction they want to take the site in*, I have long thought that it would be good for tutorials to be modular. That way, if I did one on genetics, I could point to the math peoples' explanation on probability and Chi Squares. I can and do explain that often - but over in math they do better with that sort of thing than me. If it develops that way, tutorials could be arranged into lesson sets or mini courses of study... I restate for emphasis, *if they want the site to go that way.*
hmm an experiment wouldnt hurt...that's how innovators become known....successful experiments :DD we can try it..and if it's worse than the present "direction" we can always make a U-turn at the next island :D
I can't get how tutorial section is more helpful than the regular interaction!! :)
@sapure: I think this is what @TuringTest wants to avoid: "and it's a shame that they get mixed in with all the other closed math questions eventually."
@sapure do not worry...the tutorials (well mine anyway) are frequently asked questions or some things that people did not know. Since they are frequently asked questions and are basic ones, it is better to just show askers some detailed examples on how to solve a certain problem. the interaction will not be gone. in fact, there will be more! if we are the ones who explain ourselves, some askers will just tend to scan through the solution and only look at the answer. But if we were to provide tutorials then they will be forced to ask, and in the process learn. These tutorials were made by experienced openstudy users who know well where most of the askers get wrong so it may be a good idea :)
guys here is another example which strengthens the need for tutorial section:

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