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How did the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki effect America economically, politically, and military wise?
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When Little Boy detonated it was effective for more then eleven (11) miles away assaulting citizens and soldiers with shrapnel, rocks, heat, wind, blinding light and of course radiation ... The brightness of the light emanating form Ground Zero was so that it would instantly blind a person and if it didn't then you'll be able to see a black imprint of your self on the walls ... Heat from Little Boy send a heat wave that servilely burned many people leading to people having to have limbs cut off ... Being inside of a house or building fared no better many homes/building had there windows blown in, people were getting hit with incomes objects or the structure would totally collapse ... The radiation that was released from this atomic bomb effected more then any other effect with many people end up with organ failure and cancer Fat Boy was a bigger, better more effective bomb then the bomb that was released on Hiroshima but that's where the difference's end Fat boy did all the same damages that had happened in Hiroshima ... •The effects of an Atomic Bomb are the same dropped from anywhere on Earth ... Its the just the scale that can change ...

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