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I think you should be able to ask more than 1 question at a time. Anyone else agree?

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how can you type two questions at a time?
I mean without closing the first question you asked :)
I agree

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Other answers:

Hi @applerocks - in the future, please refrain from '@' mentioning multiple people at once. You are always free to mention me, @cshalvey if you wish, but try not to ping everyone. Thank you!
oh sorry
No worries ;)
great did you see my message
glad I helped
I agree
ok just an idea :)
@cshalvey hey can i ask u a question?
Of course, shoot @matt6288
Hi @mmoul18 - I just realized that I never actually answered your question - sorry! So, in terms of the 'one question at a time' restriction - the goal of OpenStudy is to provide an environment that allows people to both teach and be taught. By allowing people to ask more than one question, this interaction can become lost. We ask that if you are asking for help from the OpenStudy community, that you engage and interact with the person who is giving their time to help you. This is impossible if you have multiple questions open at once. Thanks for the feedback though - I truly do appreciate hearing your thoughts and opinions about anything of this sort. Keep em coming! And let me know if I can explain this better or more clearly, cheers!
It makes sense. I was just wandering if you could. I guess we can ask 2 questions in the same question if you understand.
YES! I wish we could. That's one new update they've made I don't particularly care for.
haha and see...I'm not agreeing with @lgbasallote because they've had nothing to do with this really!!! :)
i only hated it coz of my tutorials....but nevertheless i like one question at a time...i see no point in 2 questions at a time...?
no offense of course
get more work done boi ;p
none taken :) see I respect your opinion :)
And I took offense at that x)
get more "homework" done you mean @rebeccaskell94 ? /:)
lols maybeee
huh what?
huh what to what? lol
ahhhhhh now I'm really confused!!!!!
"Have homework problems? We can help you - as long as you are looking to learn how to get your solution (and not just the answer)" Source: Code of Conduct Unfortunately, we are a peer tutoring website. NOT a homework answering website (wolframalpha is better at that) so OS updates should always be leaning towards this objective :)
anyway good night everyone :) tallk to you all tomorrow :p
|dw:1336472474021:dw| night mmoul18 :)
until i actually see a downside to the policy i dont think itll be going soon (in the words of colm shalvey somewhere) so far i have seen none either..we've had a decrease of the homework answer hungry peeps lately which is good...the only problem left is that they can still ask questions and us not giving the answers isnt working because there's always a medal hungry person giving it -_- i wish giving an answer will decrease their scores...since it's what they're greedy for...maybe they'll stop if they see it doesnt work Note: actually it really doesnt work...youll get A LOT more score if you answer 3-5 question with 30 replies between you and the asker
Th's true. Fine you win this round...but there'll be another...
it's all in the essay writing skills :p
lol or copy and paste?
those are own words lol
woww really? props \m/ a medal for you....
gave mine to colm :p
suck up
no's called making the right friends ^_~
He's my friend and I've never sucked up..see how far its gotten me ?;P
and how many months have we been here? shall we compare?
yes it seem not possible here.

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