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Release 5/7/2012 (roll-with-it)

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I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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Pretty epic release today folks. But you get to guess what the new feature is. Here's your hint.
Haha. Not quite. ;)

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Other answers:

Not yet, anyway.
hmmm...a mobile site?
haha Victory!! :D YAY!! That's a super rad update ! :D
Also, hitting OpenStudy with a link directly to a question shouldn't make your computer explode heh.
haha that alone is progress ;)
So, how am I supposed to access this mobile site?
(from a computer, manually)
Shrink the width of your browser to less than... 600px I believe is the cutoff.
Fair warning, weirdness may follow if you shrink and unshrink your window. We did our best to allow it, but there are probably still a few bugs. ;)
Shrinking and unshrinking only causes weirdness in the chat so far as I can tell.
And that was fixed easily by opening the chat.
So, I'm going to have to wait till the next update to have a link at the bottom for a mobile side? xD
By the way, do you think this mobile site will work well with my old PSP? Or shall I try to find out? :D
No, we're not implementing a "link" to the mobile side. There isn't really a different side. The design of the site is simply responsive to the size of the screen (or window).
me gusta
Fine, Fine, I get it. Just spam ctrl and +
Also, FWIW, for those of you who have been experiencing the tab crash issues (the Aww snap page) in Chrome, it looks like the bug was assigned to an engineer at Google this morning. Hopefully I'll have some more news soon.
Just a question, does firefox preform best on this site?
Chrome and the latest Firefox are probably a tie.
At first I thought it was an iOS App - long awaited for. Then I realized it's a mobile site. A step in the right direction... I'm assuming the mobile site won't take into effect on the iPad due to a larger screen?
You are correct @Study23. The iPad will display the full version of the site. We actually released a fixed version of the site for iPad when we released SmartScore. So you can interact with the full site. There is still some weirdness and zooming doesn't work - but because of some bugs in Mobile Safari that's probably as good as it gets for the time being. :\
iOS app costs an exorbitant amount of money if I'm not mistaken.
Nah, it just costs time to develop.
Which thingy cost money for iOS then?
The iOS developer program costs money, but it's just $100 per year. Not that much.
Just a question, what compiler are you using for this? Or am I a complete noob and using the term completely incorrectly?
For the site?
For... the stuff on this site I guess?
The backend code is written in scala, so scalac is the compiler. The frontend presentation stuff (HTML, JavaScript) isn't compiled so there are no compilers for that.
I see. I've never heard of it 0.o
this is fun...
i wish i had one of those though...
How about something like, ? it looks cool. ;)
Lol. It does, but it's also double the code to maintain. And performance test. :| Can you tell I've been working on IE bugs today? :P haha
@farmdawgnation , Mobile site isn't workin!!!
I'm going to need a more detailed description of what's going on than "isn't workin" :P
There is currently no native app under development per se, except for some wrappers that will present the site within a browser. You should be able to use the site on iPad, though we've gotten some reports that there are issues that came from our mobile tweaks in this release. We're looking into those. As for a stylus, the iPad does not support stylus input directly, and neither will we. The drawing tool should still be visible and the stylus should behave somewhat decently on there, in theory (I haven't tested it). But again, the iPad is supposedly having a couple of issues since this release.
I tried to open the site from my phone, but the desktop site opened.
Note that the landing page does not change. Only is different.
I just tried the site. it's very very slow and the links open after 10-15 secs.
lol It takes too long for me but my phone also sucks, so I'm not gonna blame OS.
lol, i think it's OS. my phone open most of the sites. idk im not sure but i think it's coz it's a java site?
We're not java. We're scala. Although we do run inside the JVM, there is a difference. :P That said, the problem is likely with our JavaScript we're running client side. @shadowfiend has said already that we're going to be focusing on performance again ASAP and do our best to exterminate these issues.
Okays. Coz we can barely click on links. :(
Yeah, it's hitting us too. This is the side effect of having such a small team. To focus on performance, we have to sacrifice forward movement. It's a constant juggling game.
uhmm is it just me or does it not have a View All Notifications link? o.O
That's correct. We've removed several features and links so as to simplify the interface for the time being.
i see....looks nice though :D so uhmm hypothetically..let's say i login via iPhone to openstudy...will the people who fanned me see me online? because if they do and call me out t chat they might think im snobbing when i dont respond when i dont even know they called me?
Yeah, at the moment that is indeed what will happen. Sorry!
oh hmm no wonder i got spammed with messages after i logged in on an iPhone haha lol..hope you find a remedy for that someday ^_^

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