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So what is music theory exactly? Pretend we have a guitar and I want to know how to play "yellow submarine" on it, but I didn't want to learn how to play it by reading notes. I wanted to learn it by knowing what strings to pluck. Is that music theory still? I bet that would be kinda hard to explain in this group with just the draw tool and the attachment tool but it might be doable.

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Music theory is not Music practical.
What you're describing is called "Tablature", "tabs" for short, "guitar tabs" for the in between length. But there is still music theory very much involved there, but it's sort of masked to the player. It's much easier to share music online this way rather than having to write out the "score" (actually notes).
A lot of guitarists don't even bother learning "real sheet music" since they can get by with tabs or just playing by ear. Notably, the Beatles. Ironically, the theory behind their music was incredibly unique.

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Other answers:

me gusta le Beatles
Does that mean you don't like the beatles? What?
gusta=don't like? or like?
Here is an example tab: e------------------------------ b------------------------------ g------------------------------ d-------------2-0---4----0-2---- a----------2------2----2-------- e--0--3-4----------------------- Those correspond with each guitar string and what note to hit on it in what order. Rhythm is not really able to be easily translated to tabs unfortunately, which is one of its downfalls.
haha It's Spanish Myin; Me gusta means "I like" lol and le =the I like the beatles ;)
Ok @mattfeury thanks. I had someone curious about this group. They might come join OS now. @rebeccaskell94 I think everyone loves the beatles (I hope anyways).
haha except some young ones. They were bashing the beatles on chat. I be like "blasphemy!" (lols I'm only 17 though)and yay! new people are always welcome. I kinda wish @Dyiliq would come on one of these days, too lol
So what do the 0,2,3,4 's mean ?
I think those are the notes. I'm only learning piano though, so I don't know for sure.
Well both piano and guitar are strings
Well I guess piano does have a lot of different buttons or keys that people like to call them lol
Yea those are the notes. 0 means "open" (the string is plucked but not with any note held down). Any other number means pluck this string while holding it down at a specific "fret", the name for the dividers on the neck.
haha yeah keys, and the piano is a strigned instrument but def very different from guitar lol @Dyiliq can play like any instruemnt so if he'd get on here he could answer everything lols
Piano is string-based yea, but I don't think people lump it in with "string instruments." It's kinda a gray area between strings / percussion.
Yeash...what matt said. lol
So what I think I learned from this teaching music in any sort of way is going to contain music theory. So any way that a person chooses to teach in this group is acceptable for the group.
Well the music theory thing yes, but if someone teaches themselves inaccurately, even it it works for them they really shouldn't be teaching others.
Heh well I'd be careful saying "any way", but yea, behind all music is theory, even if it's not noticed. But as long as people are interested in the theory or related topics, it will be allowed.
Ok maybe I understand.
haha Myin. This should help ( I don't think you're dumb! I just think it helps lol, it helped me)
Well I actually am music dumb and I'm not fibbing about that.
And thanks rebeccaskell94 and mattfeury . You guys are awesome. :) And as a present I give you this:
Not even close to considering clicking on that, myin.
** :P
Aww you guys that hurts my feelings :) lol. Thanks though. I appreciate your efforts in making me understand what music theory is.
haha :P and np :)
well you can tune in to my tutorials on the music group @myininaya i post music theories ^_^ hehe this is me endorsing meself :DDD (as of now i have 3...currently working on an anthology of tutorials for reading tablatures but not going to spill deets :S)
and @mattfeury i think some tablature writers have their ways of expressing beats (aside from h,p, b, and s) they sometimes have this E --------------|-------------------------| B --------------|-------------------------| G --------------|-------------------------| D --------------|-------------------------| A --------------|-------------------------| E---------------|-------------------------| i am referring to the | things...which resembles them good old bars in sheet musics...and also some distance the numbers from one another but yeah it is hard =_=
and if @myininaya wants to learn songs she can always check out although it is written in tabs and chords there...but if she checks out my anthology of tutorials im sure she can read them :DD

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