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Look at triangle PQR with its incenter at O. What is the measure of angle POR? A.95 degrees B.120 degrees C.130 degrees D.85 degrees

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Im guessing you dont knoe @rebeccaskell94 lol
Well hopfully @kropot72 can help

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Other answers:

uhmm do you mean angle POR? coz that's the one with a question mark..PQR is easy haha
I mean POR
well now..that is hard...
is angle r confruent to angle P?
yes? no?
ill give yu a medal lol
@rebeccaskell94 your on the question :D try answering it ill make sure it gets at least 5 medals
yes becca >:))
The answer is E. I'm sure of it.
^he was close...
There's no way it's Pi. It's definitely E.
I honestly think @inkyvoyd is serious here im not sure if I should laugh or just feel sorry for the dude?
I'm serious bro. E is a superior number to any multiple of Pi. Have you looked at the series for E? Only like 30 times more elegant.
Radians hint hint, Mathematica constant usage rules hint hint maclaurin hint hint, troll hint hint @lgbasallote
and I was here thinking im slow at times but yu smh
Fine, I'll give you the answer.
lol idk if im gonna trust your answer im not so sure about yur intelligence anymore
It's (13Pi)/18. Please note the absence of units, which should mean something to you.
@lgbasallote , I'm so right, right? The answer is (13Pi)/18
seems abt right
lol I feel bad for you @inkyvoyd its ok you can stop now
just convert to degrees then you're all set
Its alright I still feel bad for @inkyvoyd
lol I got the answer a long time ago ;D even before you were here @inkyvoyd
Chad, you really want to see who's math is better?
and yu saying its E makes me feel bad for yu bcuz ik yu were serious about that haha poor kid
it's related to E bro.
yeah @inkyvoyd show me your "knowledge" hahaha just go ahead and solve the problem
I just did bro. The answer is (13Pi)/18. I'm not a babylonian bro. I don't think in degrees.
@Diyadiya , read this, it's really funny, I promise you.
Haha so you dont know the answer ;D which proves me right you dont know if its A B C or D lol
No bro, you just don't know radians.
Haha suree your real "smart" bro
I didn't forget my unit's bro, I left off the unit because it's customary to do so when talking about Radians. I gave my answer as a multiple of pi. That should've been a hint enough bro.
Haha bcuz your not intelligent enough to give it in degrees ;D
See your not intelligent enough to answer the question with degrees tho heres a hint its ether A, B, C, or D ;D
Well, have fun claiming to yourself how much smarter you are than me.
its ok bro dont hurt yourself ;D
You want a real problem?
mwahahah poor @inkyvoyd thought he could answer the problem
I'll give you one, and you can have fun, alright bro?
haha or you can "answer" this one ;D oh wait yu cant xD
It's the -(e^(iPi)+2th letter of the alphabet.
Hint: e^(iPi)=cos x+i sin x. Oh wait, you don't know radians. Sorry bro, you need to learn radians to understand my answer.
haha poor @inkyvoyd has to talk about radians bcuz hes not smart enough to answer in degrees poor kid
Alright, I've had enough. Please stop tagging me, because you are spamming my notifications.
haha so just admit that yu dont know the answer
haha lol...inky is right dude =)))
Lol nope if he cant answer in degrees he shall always be wrong ;D poor kid
multiply his answer by 180/pi to convert to degrees lol
lol here ill explain it to him so its a little easier the answer is 180-60 which is 120 ;D the end poor kid couldnt do that
uhmmm actually 120 isnt the answer....
haha no I feel bad for you lgb bcuz it is the answer ;D "B" is correct
haha bcuz you see @lgbasallote I finished the test about 30 mins ago and it said my choice which was "120" was correct ;D its ok tho bro
hmmm something's weird... -_-
Is it solved?
That is right chad.
it did not state that it was congruent with 25 -__- that test question was ambiguoous
|dw:1336471022091:dw| it should be drawn like that
Its common knowledge every triangle = 180 degrees look at the loop thing for "P" its only on one side so thats 25... the loop for "R" s on both sides so its 70/2 which is 35 ;D add 25+35=60. then using the common knowledge subtract 60 from 180 and you get your answer ;D maybe next time bro ;)
is there no other info available?
it should be 120 degrees

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