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If the US population was 200,000,000 and the cost of gasoline was $2.00 per gallon and gas mileage is 20 mi/gal and you buy every single person in the US a $2,000 car and enough gas to run it nonstop at 20 mph for a year: How much money would you spend.

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some trillions... basically that would bust Uncle Sam. :D
On a more serious note. So every person is guzzling up a gallon an hour. that is $2 an hour. so totally the whole of USA is spending $400m per hour. Now multiply that the no. of hours in an year (24x365), and you have your BILL. Now pay! :P

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Other answers:

@Diyadiya Uncle Sam just guzzled up all your oil^. What you gonna do now? :P
oh yes add to that 2000 times 200million, cost of the cars.
@sasogeek don't tell me you made this up yourself. please. I have a gun to my head.
That looks very hard, but it is actually quite easy. First off, find out how much you spend on the cars alone. 200,000,000 people and each get a $2,000 car so 200,000,000*2,000 = $400 billion. Next find out how many gallons of gas you need. So we know that the car travels 20 miles in 1 hr. So 20*24 gives us 480 miles in one day. And 480*365 gives us 175,200 miles in one year. If the mileage is 20 mil/gal then divided 175,200 by 20 and we get 8,760 gallons of gas for each car. At $2.00 per gallon we get 2*8760 = 17.520 for each car to travel 20 mi/hr nonstop for a year We then multiply this amount by 200,000,000 and get $3,504,000,000,000. Add this amount to $400,000,000,000 and you get a grand total of $3,904,000,000,000 or if you want it in words - 3 trillion, nine-hundred and four billion dollars. there << i'm searching for questions everywhere i can to solve. i only post the interesting ones here :)
Wait. WAIT. the answer is $0. You asked how much would 'I' spend. nothing. I am not financing them, i don't even live in the States. :p
LOL well that's quite an extensive solution Zoe :) thanks!
it's always good to know how to copy and paste @ZhangYan :) I know what u did :)

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