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do you guys (particularly those familiar with OS for a long time) think that it was better idea to totally replace levels with smartscore, compared to having them both? (NB// I do not know if this was considered before the change, but what do you think?) P.S.(to the devs) if it seems reasonable to have them both, please bring it back :) thanks

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I kinda do like the old style a little more. It seemed harder and took more time to reach a number like 60. I mean I guess this new style is cute too. I mainly wish to give more than one medal per question.
I think it'd be cool to have both around, you can tell a how long a person has been on the site, how active a person contributes just by looking at the level, and the smart score gives you an idea of how OpenStudy generally rates the quality of the person's contribution.
I like this smart score system but the one medal restriction.

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Other answers:

the one medal restriction is just to let people know how to value their distribution of medals but i don't think it's really working and now it seems like a bother because obviously there's quite a complaint :/ a good plan should be figured out soon to make things right. idk how soon though
One medal is a bit stingy at-least 2-3 should be enough. However, I think instead of medals per question restriction it would be better if we have a restriction on number of medal per day for each user.
thats worse ffm... very very bad lol
I don't think so. That system works perfectly for stackexachange sites.
they don't give medals on SE, do they? unless you have like 1000 a day...
Sometimes a lot of people make good contributions and so deserve medals for their input. Just my thoughts.
In stackexchange: Medals -> Votes , +1 vote means +10 reps
Myin is right, I have seen OP asking the answerers this, "who to give the medal?"
Only one/two thing(s) can make the current system prefect app for iPad and a 'redeem medals' option.
what do mean by redeem medal?
ishaan, seriously...? facepalm, smh
Redeem medals for kitkats?
That would be perfect.
Kitkats would be awesome.
so what options do we have? more new features? an integration of the current with the former? new design?
In addition to (or entirely instead of) the global SmartScore, is there some way to have a group specific SmartScore as well? That is, a system similar to SmartScore which gives people a set of SmartScores computed across each group they are in? And perhaps users could be displayed according to their group specific SmartScore in the individual groups? That way I wouldn't PMed with all these messages, "Please, in Java how do I...?" from computer science, when I don't know Java from the caffeinated stuff. And that way the sheer volume of questions to answer in math would not be pushing non-math answerers down the table, which is an oft heard criticism of the new system. There were things broken with the levels system that the SmartScore addresses really well - like people who had just been around a while appearing more highly ranked than people who actually gave good answers - so overall I like SmartScore a lot. And I +1 medals redeemable for candy units.
i think an integration of the current system with the old would be best. There is quite a lot of disattisfaction with the 'one medal' rule.
this level (although i like it) makes it appear as if i am good at all subjects i join =_= so a group smartscore would be fun...or at least the old level below the new smartscore...that would be fun-er. and i think a best supporting answer is nice :D maybe 2 of them...worth half of the best answer maybe? (btw...i hope you notice the pun im doing)
Yeah it could be something like dividing medal, if you give to one person he receives 1 but if you give to 2 people they receive only half and if to three third and so on maybe with some limit :D

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