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I wonder how often people would abuse or use something like this: Being able to do group messages. Sending a private/direct message to more than one recipient.

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why do cryptographers always use Bob and Alice? is it like a norm or what?
Lol typical Mathematician, can't name three persons properly retorting to suffixes :D

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Other answers:

No. I'm just bursting with ideas.
But I'm sure it has been thought of.
What ffm said before he deleted it.
She is putting it as feature request, ash (I deleted it because you posted something before me.)
Okay, Myin, could you please explain the reasons why would we need this feature?
And by the way I love my diagram.
Well maybe I want a quick response on something that I feel like a few different people could answer. Like usually though it is mod question... So the diagram would look like this: |dw:1336586760029:dw|
But I see how it might be useful/possibly in demand for others to communicate in a private group thing.
If it's restricted to mods or selected people then it seems like a nice idea, but otherwise this is a potential of huge abuse.
So you think there isn't potential for abuse in one-on-one messaging?
Like abuse in this situation: |dw:1336586885241:dw|
Maybe M there is the message that represents flirting or something like that.
It is, but will become more horrific in multidimension.
Did you forget about candy2012 and all his/her allias?
But Candy still sent it out her M to multiple people. I think in a group message it would be faster to catch she is spamming.
Agreed, but Say I am candy If I am able to send multi msgs I will send it everyone who is there in OS and now everyone else is reporting abuse, so how many abuse report we will get for a single abuse?
Wouldn't we get the same amount of abuse reports if she sent out the message indivdually Pretend like we have the following |dw:1336587299090:dw|
RA means reports abuse
But yeah I guess we would make spam life easier that way.
i agree
I like your graphs @myininaya
@farmdawgnation Thanks! You're my new favorite.

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