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Has anyone mentioned this before? How about making a section where people can write tutorials for specific problems. It will be easy for the tutor to link a tutorial.

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yup it has been a topic of discussion/argument already...and it seems the admins are too busy as of the moment to make a special section for tutorials and they wouldnt want to make one out of haste because that would devalue the tutorials....but it is a problem when we post tutorials in the question feeds...gets the askers angry...
Well, Personally, I'm sick of askers being capable of abusing the system still.
Where have the askers gotten angry? In chat, or have they been posting in the questions?

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Other answers:

@trisha01 wat did u mean by dat?
If I were an asker looking for live help with a problem, I too would be miffed if a helper posted "Here, work through this tutorial, then get back to us if you don't get it." Why not just come out and call the asker a lazy idiot who is wasting our time without properly trying to help themselves first? I am strongly against tutorials or any other type of user created reference material being used like that. We could definitely moderate for answers just posting, "Read / watch the tutorial yourself." That said, I am strongly in favour of tutorials in general for reasons I have discussed in earlier posts.
*answerers, not answers.
What about referring to previous threads for those topics which are discussed ad nauseam ...
I assumed that the reference was to askers being annoyed that the tutorial posts themselves were pushing their questions down. If we're talking about response that are “just work through this”, then I agree that I'd also be annoyed.
The prob is, a lot of that happens anyway. For one of the 'every other day' questions in biology ("How does the body compensate for excessive blood loss?"), one person posted a solid response. A couple days later, the second person answered the next iteration of the same question by linking to the first, the third person answered it by linking to the link the second - and before we knew it, we had a chain of links through eight different threads. Sending the asker through eight different links of the same question to get to a well worked solution is a problem. These days that question is usually answered by a short explanation ("Circle of Willis, use of stored blood in the liver, changes in cardiac output to maintain perfusion and changes in systematic circulation and metabolism to conserve oxygen") with a link to the Wiki for further info. Which is not fantastic either.
We've long taken an attitude that the answer given varies precisely because of the discussion with a given user. Each person has a different problem understanding a given concept, that's why we prefer interaction to just dropping an answer or a link in there. We're looking into how we can link into existing information, however. Don't have much for you on that front yet, but we're looking into it.
Mind you, I do understand feeling like you're repeating yourself. I think that'll probably always be a problem—there are always new people to have problems, and if the same people are answer, it gets old. One of the things to keep in mind is that some people also learn better being walked through in real time vs having to walk themselves through e.g. a tutorial.
I definitely appreciate that and I am not trying to badger. It's a problem I bring up often because it is a problem I see often. A lot of these people are not at all interested in explaining what they don't understand about the problem. They just post the problem. Without them putting in the effort to tell us what they don't understand about it, it is really difficult to help them. I think some are just shy and don't want to look ignorant or admit that they don't get it. I think a tutorial system would help them. Thanks for considering it ~ you guys definitely have enough on your plates without us constantly throwing suggestions at you. :D
Haha. I just need to see when I'm feeling antsy and like experimenting with new technology one weekend. Who knows what kind of madness could emerge from that ;)
See what madness might emerge from me with my Bamboo tablet and microphone.
you could make a boom mic @blues :O hehe
the discussion here was what i feared most about the tutorials...that the interaction will be gone..that was not what i had in mind when i originally did those..believe me..and for the record i only post my tutorial links to answered questions for further information...but sometimes when the question ate those topics that involve soooooo much latex and we are at risk of aw snapping....ill have to admit that i will just post a link for that :( anyways...with that said i shall take responsibility for people who posts tutorial links wothout explaining first :DDD if ever i see some, i shall personally explain the topic to the asker...that is of course if i know it...after all i started this thing =_=

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