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what are the good effects of drinking?? Are there any good sides of smoking???

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There aren't any good effects of either.
uhmm drinking probably not but alochol example wine is given to patient in some extreme condition when pain cant be bearable so that they feel lesss pain..
some times acohol is used in surgery to sterilze equipments used in surgery

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Other answers:

and u knw most amazing thing guys who drink milk acc to biology are included in secondary consumer u can say non vegeterian and who drinks alcohol are consider to be herbivores mean vegeterian :D :D
of course! :D afterall alcoholics are made from fruits or vegetables..
yep hey u just mention unable to see that comment wat u saying abu memorising power plz type it again
I've heard that smoking increases memorizing power (discover channel) bt how?
i guesss it make v.much active our impulses and strain our mind a lot thats y.. not sure even it new thing for me to know too.. @nazima @ebaxter01 @BiomedStudent @blues do u guys have any idea ??
Heena if that was the case then why not just use a simple pain killer...
Smoking dosen't increase memorizing power. It just makes you remember things during that time your "High". Dont forget its hazardes to your health.
well as i mention sometimes in a extreme condition for example some one went on a campfire and suddenly he/she got a accident and there is no pin killer as her/his leg is cut due to car accident dat time pain is not tolerable so it quite such condition in which alcohol works in both manner aa on cut pour alcochol and tie it to kill germs and drink a bit to reduce pain..
I don't think there's anything good about smoking. Moderate alcohol consumption is probably good for blood pressure and induces a mild raising of mood. There's vitamins in beer and wine; wine contains several interesting molecules including one which has been suggested to lengthen lifespan (resveratrol). Drinking red wine is cardioprotective - if you're interested look up "the French paradox".
@Heena Why would you have alchohol, but not any pain killers :|?
uhhmm as i said many stupid never carry medicine wid dem :P
haaaa haaaa good discussion!!!! carry on!!!
Lol :3
as if anyone v.much concerned with unexpectable moment dey carry impt and necesary thing wid dem always like afetykits and medicine dats all :) but who are not aware abu the incident they get in trouble :P
most are not aware..
agree.. nw discussion close :P
Try it. You will know for sure :) Always go for the practical aspect of things :P

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