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You know how you can award a medal for the best answer? well, i'm assuming that this site is here to promote learning, not just giving answers right? i mean, that's what i use it for, and i hope that everyone encourages others to do the same - just giving someone the answer doesn't teach them anything.. so in that spirit, maybe we can have a "trophy of mediocrity" to say that the answer was right, but the person really didn't take the time to try to teach the OP..

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so the more trophies of mediocrity you get, the more it tells people that you're not trying to help people learn, and hopefully this will encourage people to answer in a more meaningful way?
and the first time someone gets one, there could be a message that pops up saying something like : We really hope to promote learning in this site, and while your answer is correct, someone feels that it would have been more effective if you tried explaining your steps!
and when you're deciding what trophy / medal to give, when you mouse over it it could say: Trophy Of Medicority: This medal is an award for someone who just gave the correct answer without realy explaining a method - we hope to promote learning on this site, so please give these sparingly! or something. it'd be cool.

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Other answers:

If you see someone just giving answers report them and after some time they won't, just saying
@tomas.A , that's nice, but I'd only have to report an average of 10 people every day. And, that number will increase.
Somehow I feel that the trophy of mediocrity could be used to describe the look that @darthsid gives me when he finds an issue with the way I implemented one of his designs. I'm not entirely sure that it would be something that people would... want, you know? Lol.
More importantly, it would be a great way for people to be mean without justification, and there are already enough of those. We would rather have a system where you can reward someone when they don't deserve it than one where you can detract from them when they don't deserve it. That said, if you can take the time to report abuse, please do. We've been cracking down, and the only way we can really do it is if you let us know. It's a process, since we first warn the relevant users then start suspending them, but the more we know (since we aren't omniscient, we tend to know when you tell us), the more we can help guide those members of the community to providing quality help. Thanks!
does just giving an answer constitute "abuse"?
Yes, if you are just giving answers without providing necessary reasoning or trying to engage the asker, we consider that abuse.
This is why mods like tkhunny were invented x'D

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