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Dear OS, So hey if someone gets a medal and that question is deleted, will that medal disappear from the medal count? Sincerely, Myininaya P.S. I think you're cool.

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To the best of my understanding, the medal will disappear.
deleting question loses all scores that wouldve been gained..also deleting ALL answers of one person will turn his medal count back to zero so should he post a new answer it's back to square 1
Sincerely ~Dr. House, M.D.

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Other answers:

I did a test with this poor boy hector. I gave him a medal for answer and deleted it. Notice the number in the medal count under biology.
It said 3 medals under biology for medalgiven and beforemedalgiven. After the question was deleted, the medal count went down to 1.
So now the medals received for all groups doesn't add up. Also....if I gave that person a medal why is the medal count the same for medalgiven and beforemedalgiven?
side did an experiment on an innocent answerer??? lol
I am evil :)
She said she was curious and I said OK.
Thanks hector for your participation.
Do you have further uses for me?
I don't need you anymore. Thanks.
uhmm did he receive 2 medals for that question?
There were no more participators.
hmm curious...very curious
So just so we all understand... I posted the question. Hector answered the question. (Thanks again hector) I took a screenshot of his profile (called it beforemedalgiven) Then I gave him a medal Took screenshot of his profile (called it medalgiven) Deleted question Took screenshot of his profile (called it questiondeleted)
The medal count under the biology section of the profile did not change from beforemedalgiven to medalgiven. The medal count changed when I deleted the question.
But only one medal was given.
But two were taken away from the count.
you were the asker o.O then there is another discrepancy! "Medals for Answers" shouldve dropped!
Shouldn't it have gone from 7 to 8, then 8 to 7 when the question was deleted?
these maths dont add @_@
I wonder what kinda algorithm it is lol
this made me realize that a lot of the information in my profile could be lies :p
Well maybe they know and they are still trying to work out all of the nastiness.
probably...if i know my mods right this is @darthsid 's baby
So now we posted the question again because I really did want an answer: the results are in the link:
Hm the change should propagate, but we do have a fix in the next release that will recalculate all these stats and ensure that deletions are accounted for appropriately. fingers crossed :x
maybe i should also mention that my profile has some weird discrepancies too @mattfeury mainly the fan count and the fan testimonial..what does it mean?
Hmm perhaps some people removed their testimonials? The count on the left is a count of the current state, but the SmartScore stat reflects how many testimonials have given you points. The fans count being higher than the stat is strange though... thoughts exactly :/
maybe 4 fans didnt account points? does that make sense lol
that's probably what that means, yea. I'll look into it. We'll get you those points :p
yay! thanks..i care about my 4 fans that are unnoticed
@lgbasallote @myininaya these stats should be accurate finally. If the accuracy degrades, then we've got a problem in our code, but as of now, all fans / group stat counts should be accurate.
If you see anything phunky, let us/me know.
I'm still seeing some small discrepancies on fans/testimonials between the sidebar and the teamwork section in my profile.
good job @mattfeury want some gum :P
awe sunny D, all right! @KingGeorge, you somehow didn't lose points when a particular user unfanned you. Consider your SmartScore inflated until I fix it :P, which I'll eventually get around to doing.
oh by the way @mattfeury i think you should know that this guy still has a wrong score
What do you mean it's a "wrong score?" What's wrong about it?
well the fact that akshay was a guru in mmath group before i doubt he only has 3 medals

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