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Release Notes (May 14, 2012) -- Spin Doctors

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Two princes kneel before you, and collectively offer you these changes: - Fixed a bug that would cause typing to slow wayyyy down in some cases. - Display tweaks for the mobile version. - Upgrade to Knockout 2.1.0-rc2. - Fix a bug in IE8 where links would not appear in questions and DMs. - Enhanced compatibility for iPad. - Fixes for group/profile stats.
lol I accept them
Great work guys, thanks again @mattfeury @shadowfiend @farmdawgnation @darthsid

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Other answers:

Yes indeed, thank you great princes . ;P
Great work ! :-)
Who are the kings and queens if they are the princes? :P
i see this was a minor update ,when is the next major update?
Ummm @Austin_Rain..I'm just a peasant but I think @Chris is the King idk the Queen
Chris's profile picture looks like the old profile picture of @myrina
I spelled her name wrong. D:
@Myininaya lols How could you? I bet she'll banish you to the dungeon
D: Ohh nooooooo!
In the next major update, all users' avatars will become smurfs ;) There anything in particular you're looking for in a major update @AravindG ?
Well that would be pretty smurfity smurf.
hmmm... I like the smurf idea @shadowfiend . It goes with OpenStudy's colors already.
can i be papa smurf?
I'll be one of those smurfs in the background that looks like they are a helpful part of the story, but in the end they are actually just part of the backdrop.
chris pic was actually drawn by myinyin ;p
^ fact!
:O Myinininana! (y)
what does the integral of x dx look like as a smurf? and the slow typing really lags up when a post gets rather long ive noticed
if you invert your picture sideways you can imagine a smurf....the symbol is the hat...the x are the eyes...the d will be the nose and x is the body
@amistre64 does this post count as long?
no, the scroll bar is still lengthy; its when it gets down to about the height of a minimized chatbox that things get noticably slower
typing seems okay...but the scrolling wasnt lol
it was abysmal :P
Hm. There's something else going on, I think. I mean, I've noticed this before, but that link both scrolled and typed super-smoothly for me. Which makes me think it's more than just the length.
Shadow, could it be affected by CPU speed/Ram Usage? That post didn't bother my computer at all. I have 8gigs of Ram and an AMD Phenom Quad Core. Is your computer high spec as well?
Definitely, I'm just saying I've noticed slowdowns before, and I didn't there, so there's at the very least some other triggering factor that is *also* a problem :)
Oh, ok. :D

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