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Does singing count as an instrament? Im an actress and singer and people say "that doesnt count"

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Technically, singing is NOT an instrument except of the human kind. Usually when we speak of instruments we are referring to those that were made my man - trumpet, drum, violin, etc but certainly the voice is an instrument of music in the musicial sense, so in those terms it IS AN INSTRUMENT. wmw
Props to @WWENDT. Awesome answer, sir!
I think it is and is not an instrument i think it is because you are making music with your voice and I think it isnt because you can't actually play the vocal chords

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Other answers:

Singing is most DEFINITELY an instrument. There should never be any doubt that you can make music with your voice, SO it is a musical instrument.
i guess your right
It does count, but it's not called 'singing', per se... it's usually referred to as 'voice', or as your own type of voice-- for example, tenor, soprano, alto, bass, countertenor, contralto, etc.
voice is said to be the oldest instrument after all
Agreed with everyone saying yes. Everything is an instrument if you play it the right way.
Good sir, hippo man ;D
and if it's the wrong way..then what is it hippo man /:)
I agree with WWENDT :)
NOO Let's fight about it some more! Preez?
hahahaha why??
coz we like arguments *whistle*
I'd definitely would say that singing counts as an instrument but hey that's just me. I love to sing also. :)
Yes, as the vocal chords can create pitches, and carry vibrations. Some would argue that it isn't an instrument because you don't have to necessarily learn to sing. But in reality, singing techniques can be equally as challenging. Someone can pick up the violin, and pluck a string, and not know how to properly play. Singing is the exact same way. Without proper body structure, consonant manipulation, Singing of vowels and phrases instead of words, one can seem just as amateur as someone who just picked up an instrument.
Singing isn't an instrument, but vocals are. Your vocal chords make pitches by bending themselves.

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