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Does anyone know where I can find piano tutorials that are relatively easy?

I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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youtube and thite I found for ya :**
wow that site was long haha
Holy moly...holy. woww. I'll look at it tonight!! Thank you so much!

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Other answers:

did you want someone to come to ur house or an online one?
this is online video lessons:
i know...but im not telling :P and
Thank you so much @fallingangel!
You're welcome. :)
Hey, I have a quick question...
There are so many people on here that are moderators and I was just wondering, who decides who is moderator and not?
The site moderators ask for other moderators. In my case the group mod here and Cshalvey asked me to be mod. Beyond that, the site mods ask for names of "could be" mods and they debate over it. (as I understand it) Feel free to correct @Cshalvey @Shadowfiend or @farmducknation or any other mod lol
all are chosen by the almighty @cshalvey heh im tagging you alot :p
Oh, I see. Well I was just wondering. So, they pick people who are good at certain subjects or good at monitoring the chats, question boxes, etc?
um it's not just good at certain subjects, it's time on OS, um CoC following, the right attitude and social interactions all play a part.
That's nice. :) So you've probably been here for awhile then, huh?
um I've only been on about 2ish months. But I'm speecial lols in soo many ways xD
what a narcissist
takes one to know one
:) Haha, well, that's great! and wow. xD
Yeah, I've only been in OS 1 month, I believe.
Cool! It all adds up :D
hello fellow newbies! i've been here around 3 months :)
liar^ -__-
heh we all wanna feel young
Rebecca's description is more or less correct. We select the global moderators because they strike us as exceptionally mature individuals. Group moderators, like rebecca, have limited powers and are currently being used on a trial basis. We're using a combination of maturity and interest in the subject matter of the group to select those.
ugh *maturity* why must you use words that automatically eliminates me from the criteria @farmdawgnation =_= you're mean :P
Sounds like a personal problem to me. :P
omg hahaha xD I say that all the time @farmdawgnation
for the last time i do not have issues >.< i am just complicated!!
Your complication is an issue, once you get to know that you might just solve it :P
yeah its a place called "Internet"
hahahaha true dat

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