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With the older system, I liked how you could go to groups and see how you ranked with other people in that group.

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Now it is all mixed. I got people asking me biology and writing questions.
And I get people asking me math questions. Erm...
I don't like to dip my chip into guacamole or salsa when my chip is meant for cheese only.

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Other answers:

I think it would be hard to sort people by group though. Unless they changed SmartScore so that it was computed not relative to all the users on the entire site, but only to users in a particular group. Which seems like rather a Big Executive Decision.
and i never dreamed nor has it crossed my mind to tango with a guy but we all have bad nights
anyway...on a related comment...maybe we can have smartscore AND group rank?
If possible I think that would be great. *cough and also you can give multiple medals cough*
uhmm is there a bug of multiple replies o.O or am i seeing double
And *cough* the unofficial groups no longer count toward SmartScore. Because it buggers me no end that people who spend all their time lolling around in certain socially oriented groups are higher up the page than people who actually *help* other people in the real groups. @Ig, it's just you.
*cough agreed cough *
But I think shadowfiend said something about eventually not counting those medals
oh so it was just me....darn i thought i saw a bug scoop tsk
Oops! I gave credit to the wrong person. It was farmer dell.
farm will be gonna start an admin war between farm and shadow @myininaya =__=
I want to see an admin fight! I put money on farmdawg. His name seems more gangster.
lol =)))) fiend sounds nasty too :p
if you insert a "r" between "f" and "i" , not so much. lol. I like to imagine things. But yes fiend is nasty sounding too but like I said farmdawg is just a more gangster of a name.
i think of randy jackson when i hear farmdawg....o.O
I'm a straight fiend, no friends here ;)
fiendfriend? friendfiend? which one sounds better to you?
FriendFinder. But they don't exist anymore ;)
I like the new system, personally.
So like when I work in music group it doesn't count towards my SmartScore? :/
this is where my pic comes in.. music -> official
Oh good, I was gonna go be sad lol

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