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Can you please fill in all the blanks plz thank you :) A large vein called the 6.------- -brings blood from the upper part of the body to the heart, where it enters the 7.----------------. The blood is pumped out of the right atrium into the 8.-------- and travels through the 9.---------- to the 10.------ -------- ,where it picks up oxygen . From the lungs, blood travels through the 11.------- -and returns to the heart, where it enters the 12.-------. Finally, the blood is forced from the 13-------- into the 14. -----------, which carries it to the tissues of the body.

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@radar can you help me plz thanks
thanks man :)
Just glancing at radar's profile, of the approx 2230 questions he has answered, fewer than 11 of them have been in the biology group...

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Other answers:

o wow i nevered looked xD thanks
Do you have a diagram of the circulatory system, or the heart?
no i'm sorry i don't :(
i can look one
ah thanks :)
Is that enough help or would you like me to work it with you?
can you please help me some more if you don't mined :)
So the first one asks, through which big vein does blood enter the heart.
A word about naming: veins always carry blood toward the heart. Arteries always carry blood away from the heart. There are two circulation loops in the body: the systematic circulation, which is all of the body except the lungs, and then the pulmonary circulation which is the lungs. Both these circulations have veins which bring blood from them toward the heart. The question asks for the vein which brings blood from the body, not the lungs. The two hints to the name are "vein" and "not lung" (or, same meaning as lung, not pulmonary).
so i think it is the superior vena cava is that right ???
Yes, it is. And in context of the arrows showing the direction of blood flow through the heart, it should be straight forward to figure out where the blood goes when it gets to the heart.
so # 7 is the right ventricle ???
Actually, I would say "right atrium" - the chamber where blood from the superior vena cava ends up first. Both the atria are like lobbies where blood coming into the heart arrives. The only difference between them is that the right ventricle is the entry chamber for blood from the body, while the left ventricle is the entry chamber for blood from the lungs. From the atria, the blood goes to the ventricles (right atrium --> right ventricle and left atrium --> left ventricle). The ventricles then actually pump the blood out into circulation.
ah yes you are right sorry i guessed my eyes skipped that part lol
So 7 is right atrium and in light of the discussion above, after the right atrium it goes to the...?
i guess the right ventricle ??
@blues ???
o sup man xD
My computer needs the repair shop. Soon and badly. Sorry about that. The right ventricle is correct. After the right ventricle...?
After the right ventricle it leaves the heart again. Now it is blood flow away from the heart so you are looking for an artery.
pulmonary artery ???
Yup, and the pulmonary artery is unsurprisingly named for the organ / circulatory it takes blood toward. Which is the answer to number 10.
ah i see :)
so citculatory artery is #10
Look at the picture. The answer to the last question, the pulmonary artery, carries blood away from the heart toward the organ 'pulmonary' basically means. It is the organ where the blood picks up oxygen from the organ you breath oxygen into.
And if you read ahead to the next sentence, it tells you where the blood has just been. So it effectively gives you the answer to this one.
i'm sorry i don't understand :(
The answer to the previous question gives you a glaring clue: The pulmonary artery carries blood away from the heart. It is named "artery" because it carries blood out of the heart and "pulmonary" for the organ that it carries the blood to. The organ where the blood goes is what the question asks for. It gives you another clue: this organ is where the blood picks up oxygen. When you breathe, where in your body does air go? And the question after this one gives you another big clue: it literally tells you where the blood has been, which is what this questions asks...
If you are wondering what "pulmonary" means, you could look it up on
ok thanks so much i think it is the Aorta
No, ah, sorry. The aorta is another big artery. It does not ask you for a blood vessel. It asks you for an organ.
left valve ???
No. This organ is not in the picture. So look at the name of the blood vessel you identified in the earlier problem. The name will help you if you, seriously. It is an artery because it carries blood out of the heart. And it is called the *pulmonary* artery because it carries blood to the pulmonary organ. This mysterious pulmonary organ is what the question wants. Another name for pulmonary is.....? If you are not sure, look it up. Here is the link to the definition:
lungs ??
Yes. And when you move on to the next question, it says "After the lungs..." which pretty much tells you where the blood has been in number 10.
So for number 11, it tells you that the blood is travelling from the lungs to the heart. So you are looking for a vessel, because blood flows through blood vessels. And because it is now carrying blood *toward* the heart, you are looking for a vein.
um the pulmonary vein ??
Exactly. And note the pattern in the names. It is a vein because it is flowing toward the heart. And it is called the "pulmonary" vein for the organ it takes blood away from. These patterns are your friend in terms of making sense of all this stuff. We already went over the pattern for the chambers of the heart. Blood always arrives in an atrium and leaves through a ventricle. And because we have already discussed blood from the *body* arriving in the right atrium, blood now coming from the *lungs* arrives where? Another helpful pattern.
i see now your a good teacher :)
thank you for all of your help so far :)
Not a prob. Thanks for working through it so considerately. Not everyone does. You'll get a medal for this at the end, don't worry. :D
xD thanks man :)
So with that in mind, twelve is....?
left atrium ??
Exactly. Left atrium is correct. And we talked about the right atrium ---> right ventricle pattern. In that context, we now have the left atrium ---> where...?
woot yes xD
Woot yes is correct. Left ventricle. And after the left ventricle, it flows out through the....?
You can follow the arrows in the picture for the name of the blood vessel.
left ventricle is # 13
so 14 would be aorta ??
Yup, 13 is left ventricle and 14 is aorta.
awesome man you have been a huge help thank you so much
for staying on with me
and helping me
Not a prob. I was new to this stuff once too, you know. Just look for patterns. Once you own the patterns, you will own the rest of it. :D
ikr thanks again and for all of the tips :)
Anytime. :)

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