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Please how do I get rid of this aw,snap thing? It is annoying and it causes me to start over a lot.

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write a petition...that always works when you wanna get rid of something/someone you hate...
Well I want that aw, snap page to be banned This is the petition signed myininaya!
you can go to to write your petition ^_^

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Other answers:

I'm not falling for that.
I know your type.
hahaha =))))
but it's got openstudy in its name how can it be that bad :P
*myininaya bans lgbasallote*
*lgbasallote gets banned indefinitely*
aw snap happens only in google chrome, so change to other browser and maybe something else will happen :D
yeah...something else in safari it somewhat kinda refreshes thingy...idk what it is o.O
What is the " this aw,snap thing?" My computer made a willy-nilly popping sound as if an electrical connection severed and my screen went momentarily dark. The OS-Math site vaporized. I had to reload OS-Math and re-enter my login information. Is that the "aw, snap thing?" ----------------------- Also, am I the only one whose machine freezes on OS-Math while MathJax is being loaded? Does MathJax have anything to do with LaTex?
i freeze with latex sometimes too...and momentarily dark doesnt sound aw snap happens in google has a blue background and a white square in the middle with a funny face
@lgbasallote Thanks for the lucid explanation. I understand it. With IE, there's no "aw, snap" but there are other problems. And, thanks for not saying there is no problem.
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The last I heard, "Aw snap" got isolated to a bug in Chrome, not OS, and Google has appointed a person to work on it.
Hoho! @blues is correct. This is due to a bug in Chrome's JavaScript engine. That said, the issue has, in fact, been fixed in Chrome version 21. I think they're going to test it, make sure it didn't break anything else and (hopefully) backport the fix into Chrome 20 (which is the next release that will be coming out). So, hopefully the next release of Chrome will resolve the issue. :)
"soon" = how many years? :/
Well, 19 came out this month, so it might be a anywhere from a few more weeks to a month or two before the next Chrome release comes out. The Google Engineer gave us an indication of where the problem is in their code and advised us on how we might be able to avoid it. We're going to look into that option, but it has the potential to significantly degrade performance across the rest of the site, so we're going to evaluate that before we do anything else. It does nobody any good to fix the Aww Snap by slowing everything else way down. :\
Thanks farm for the notification! :)

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