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This is my Spanish Homework. Can someone please read it and check the grammar. I am hesitant about my uses of preterite and imperfect verbs. Thanks. Una Memoria Especial Cuando era niña, yo iba a zoológico con mi familia frecuentemente. Un día yo fui a zoológico con mi madre y padre. Yo tenía ocho años. Hacía sol y viento. Primero yo vi los leones. Los leones eran de color naranja y orgulloso. Luego nosotros vimos los elefantes. Yo estaba muy feliz y contento. Los elefantes eran muy grandes y gordos. Nosotros hacíamos un picnic en el parque de zoológico cuando mi madre dio de comer a los

MIT 21F Spanish I - IV (OCW)
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At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores et quas molestias excepturi sint occaecati cupiditate non provident, similique sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollitia animi, id est laborum et dolorum fuga. Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio. Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quo minus id quod maxime placeat facere possimus, omnis voluptas assumenda est, omnis dolor repellendus. Itaque earum rerum hic tenetur a sapiente delectus, ut aut reiciendis voluptatibus maiores alias consequatur aut perferendis doloribus asperiores repellat.

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theres no need to put the pronounbefore the verb, so--> Nosotros vimos= vimos. and is not correct to say "a zoologico" is: "al zoologico" . i have to say :D you have good spanish skills :D
Thank you!
I have a question for Yo comia la hamburguesa, is it comia or comi?

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Other answers:

comi = i ate, comia= i was eating. The first option is the simple past. and the second option is to be more specific. ill type a few examples: COMI una hamburguesa el sabado pasado . cuando era niño COMIA muchas hamburguesas
So... in this case I should use comi, since it is I ate.. right?
yes!! :D and ignore comia=i was eating, because isnot correct, the right form is: comia= i ate, as well as comi=i ate :D. Is the same thing, but it depends where youre gonna use it
no problem :D !!

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