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anyone knowing about the new iseet rules?

IIT study group
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Is it officially launched?
dont know,, i too have the same question.
@vishal_kothari , @heena , @Mani_Jha please say. @AravindG please say.

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Other answers:

Aa gayi hamari heena rani!!!!!!!!!
lol sorry i dunno abu ISEET
But u said in one earllier question that u knew about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yea but not dat much :)
Fine di!!!!!!!!!!!!
what rules?
@Ishaan94 ,, the changed iitjee pattern
what class are you in?
attemped jee this year,, thinking of repeating..
you probably dont need to worry about it. IITs aren't ready for ISEET.
okay,, thank u :)
however, if you're interested.
Construct of ISEET An ISEET - Main test and an ISEET Advance Test to be conducted on same day. ISEET Main test will be of aptitude of 2 hours from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The aptitude test will have questions of Comprehension, Critical Reading and Logical reasoning. The number of questions may be from 70 to 100 in order to check the accuracy of students. The idea of aptitude is to determine IQ of Students. The Advance test will be of 3 hours from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The advance test will have questions of PCM in order to examine problem solving aptitude of the students The number of questions in advance test will be as usual 69. The final merit list will have marks of Class 12th board (40%) for PCM and 60% of ISEET. ISEET will take place either in the month of April or May. In 2013, the test will be conducted twice and after this it will be conducted 4 times a year. In year 2013, weightage of class 12 will be 15%, in 2014 20% and finally from 2015, it will be 40%. ISEET score will be valid for 2 years. If a student wants to improve his board marks, he can again sit for the respective board exam. The IIT may or may not use the marks of ISEET Main test. In that, it will use class 12th board marks and ISEET advance test marks. Question papers of main test and advance test will be framed by IITs. ISEET will be conducted by CBSE.
plz give me the info of NEET too :P
thank u @rahulchatterjee :)
NEET is going to take place frm next year!! @heena .... in which year r u going to face the joint??
The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) will allow class XII students to sit in a single entrance examination to get admission to almost all medical colleges in India, including private medical colleges, from 2011 academic year. A single merit list will be created for close to 35,000 MBBS seats across the country, which will show state, minorities and SC/ST quotas. Management quota candidates should come from the national merit list. The objective was to set up a standard for basic medical education. Under-graduate courses at the AIIMS in New Delhi and Post-graduate Institute for Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh may be outside the NEET’s purview as these two institutes were set up by separate laws, which need to be amended in Parliament to introduce the new system.
nxt year..
ok means quoata walo k kya hoga i mean in every state they have to unk kitni seats h??
@heena diid, in every state, seats r different. In big states, more states and in small states, less seats!!!!!!!!!!!!

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