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I need help with this question I dont understand it. Alvin, a submersible vehicle used by oceanographers to study the ocean floor, has also proved invaluable in studying populations of deep-sea mollusks and segmented tube worms. The invertebrates in question live where hot seawater circulates through cracks in the ocean floor called deep-sea vents. Suppose that you are an invertebrate biologist studying these animals. Your studies show that clams that live near the vents may grow as much as 3.8 cm per year—far more rapidly than other deep-water clams. Suppose your data show that the temperature is the same in samples taken close to the vents and some distance away from the vents. However, the size of the clams is smaller the farther they are from the vents. What would this indicate?

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Hi, You might want to type in the rest of the question - if you do this I'll take a look at it once I get back.
sorry I thought I typed all of it:\
I'm guessing that the supply of nutrients is greater closer to the vents, hence the organisms grow faster. The ones which grow in warmer water should grow faster however. Chemical reactions happen faster when it's warmer but if the water gets too hot then nothing grows. The water coming out the vents is hot enough to melt steel, which gets interesting when the hull is made of steel according to those who first explored the vents.

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