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1. What was the name of England's first overseas colony? (1 point) Virginia Maryland Newfoundland Labrador 2. Although fish is the Atlantic Provinces' most abundant natural resource, what caused cod fishing to be banned throughout Canada in 2003? (1 point) A disease killed all the cod. People stopped eating cod. Gas-powered fishing boats were outlawed first. Overfishing was rampant. 3. ________ is still a major employer in the Atlantic Provinces, particularly in Nova Scotia. (1 point) Whaling Forestry Shipbuilding Computer manufacturing
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1. Newfoundland Five hundred years after the vikings left their colony in Vinland, John Cabot rediscovered the island 1497. He called it New found land. About a hundred year later, the island became England's first oversea colony. 2. Overfishing was rampant. In New Found Land and Labrador, cod had been the primary catch until cod fishing was practically banned in 1992 and completely banned in 2003. The government banned cod fishing because the water had been over fished. 3.Shipbuilding In the 1800s, the demand for fishing vessels brought about the growth of the shipbuilding industry. The region led Canada in ship construction through most of the 1800s.The forestry industry in the area kept shipbuilders well supplied. Both industries helped the region's economy boom.Ship building is still a major employer in the region, particularly in Nova Scotia.

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