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Hey guys, I need new ear buds, do you know of any good ones? My dad has Bose ones, but they are too big for meh ears.

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My brother decided to dissect my apple ones to "fix" them.
Ok well depending on how much you wanna pay Beats are a nice selection but super expensive! Sony's are good they offer nice sound quality and are quite stylish. Um there is also the Philips which are great for pumping sound through and have an over the ear instead of insert into the ear style. Which means it won't fall off easily and is not very noticeable!
Yes Beats Are Very Good

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Other answers:

Ahhh deadmau5 should answer your question he knows ALOT about this stuff
But for price range if your willing to pay 100 - more! than beats are your best bet
Do they have their own site?
yup here lemme get it for you
*like a sir* lol thanks mud. I just didn't know if it was one of those things you have to buy through a reseller.
Honestly in my opion bass is a big thing MEElectronics M31. I just got a pair of these over the weekend and I think the bass is fantastic. I've had the cheaper M9 model for a while and have wanted the M31 ever since. It's said to be one of the bassiest earphones out there and it doesn't break the bank.…… I do think the M9, which I paid less than $20 for, is almost as good. I've had the M9 for a while and have been happy with them. I own some Skullcandies (FMJ and Ink'd) and JVCs and I like the M9 much better. I've also tried more expensive earphones from Beats, Sennheiser, Klipsch, etc. and the M9 definitely sound more like those. Very strong bass but not muddy or distorted. Great clarity and treble too. If you just want bass, though, the M31 easily beats them. But remember these are performance buds all these are like what DJ's, drummers, guitarists, singers this is what they use so you are going to get everything plus more but you wanna take good care of them cuz they are pretty costly to replace
skull candy brand???
They are pretty good too but for like recording stuff I personally use Sony. Because the sony's lemme hear my songs clearer with no muffling but if you want a CHEAP choice that still works really good skull candy is pretty good and philips.
I like these
I agree with Mud Because I Am Indeed A DJ
nice @DeadMau5! that's epic
yes yes he is! Deadmau5 rules! BTW i'll see you at your next concert
and becca stick with those then cuz those are great headphones I think the Beats brand is a bit exaggerated in the amazingness of their headphones but they are excellent. Plus that is a good price for those types
Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate it :) You're all awesome \m/
ehhm medal!? lol jk jk
Welcomez ;p
|m| (;
lol I was *just* about to give you one patient. lol I always give one to somebody ;)
I'm going to give one to Deadmau5 for his help
Can I haz one D:
Evergirl give one to marco!
Or deadmau5 could you give a medal to marco
He gave me one:D
there ya go ^_^
i recommend skull candy
there u go marco I gave u a medal lol
I like gumi earbuds. They are soft and come in different colors.

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