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Release 05/23/2012: Caffeinated.

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Sorry for the long wait folks. It's been over a week since we did our last release! And a few things didn't go quite as smoothly as intended… But! Today! Goodness! - A huge amount of changes to our own backend JavaScript (we've converted to CoffeeScript); this should make it easier for us to make performance improvements and future enhancements in general. - Notify you when a moderator closes your question. - Ridiculous numbers of bug fixes. We're estimating the number at ~75-80 fixed bugs, including: + Fixes for tooltip statuses. + Fixes for current activity on group online lists. + Fixes for loading profiles on specific panes (e.g., asked, answered). + Fixes for logging in and out when multiple tabs have OpenStudy open. + Reduce the amount of SmartScore-related traffic your browser sees. + Improve SmartScore changes when content gets deleted. + And far far more. This is a pretty massive set of changes, so please let us know if you notice anything broken. We'll be on it faster than it takes me to eat chocolate I find in the pantry.
Epic! Thanks guyss, props :)
Awesome, thanks @shadowfiend

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an openstudy update release just for my birthday :O :"""> hehe
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear… Jeez, how do you pronounce that? ;) Happy birthday to :D
hahahhahaha ^I concur we pronounce it ewgiee or something similar, apparently
i pronounce it elgeebahhh
elgebah-a-a sounds good too

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