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There's a problem with the equation editor

OpenStudy Feedback
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Everytime you type in an letter or a number it just 'de-selects' the equation editor, making further writing not possible, however if you 'click' back the equation editor, you still can type again, but its annoying, everytime you type in one letter or number it just deselects it
One more, the cursor doesn't seem to blink when typing.
A look will be had, thanks for letting us know.

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Other answers:

What browser are you on?
Hm. Odd. I'm not seeing the issue with typing dropping the letter.
I think it happens when you type something in the equation editor
Sorry, typing removing focus from the text box.
Oh wait heh. I'm on Chrome Canary. Two seconds.
Hm. No, still nothing. I can type normally. Can you tell me which version of Chrome by any chance?
I've tested on chrome canary too , its the same
using chrome beta as main
… Very odd. I'm having issues with neither 19 or Canary. So what's happening is you hit the equation button, type anything, and then if you type anything else the text box is no longer selected, correct?
Strange. This is Windows or Mac?
Hm. I suppose that may be the difference, but that would surprise me.
I'll ask the other guys to look into it and see if they can reproduce it or if we're going to want to use a Windows VM to see if we can make it happen there.
Hey Sam, shadow asked me to look at this further.
To be clear, you're typing *in* the box in the equation editor, right?
Ok. Two seconds.
\[e^2 + 3nt\] \[204o430d3\] Ok. Both of these worked without incident. Do you know how to check the error console in Chrome? If you know about Chrome Canary I figure you might. hehe.
I think I'm getting the same issue. When I try to type something in the editor, it switches to the other chrome window I have open. However, it doesn't do that if you put { and start typing what you need. Just hit } when you're done, and you'll only have to deal with the problem once.
To the other Chrome window??
Doube-You to the Tee Eff. Kk.
@KingGeorge I was about to say that too :D
Other chrome window? I'm a bit lost here. heh.
If I minimize the other window, it just deselects the textbox in the equation editor without switching windows.
So you have two windows with OpenStudy open, and you are getting kicked in between them?
Still not s'much :/
One window has OpenStudy and the other window has email/music/videos.
Ok, are you seeing anything telling in the error console?
There's no error but there's warning
Not particularly. Whenever I type something it just says "typesetting math: 100%" and then deselects the editor.
@.Sam. I don't expect the warning to be particularly telling, but if you want to copy and paste it in here, that might be good. @KingGeorge Are you running on Windows as well?
It gets hung up while typesetting the math for me. If I type fast enough to avoid having it do that, there's no problem at all. Also running windows.
and chrome 19.0.1084.46 beta-m
@KingGeorge beta updated to 20,
@farmdawgnation should I post the warning here? its quite long
Give me the first line or two. If I need the whole thing I can get you to email it or something.
Can either of you tell me if refreshing the entire page fixes the problem?
Got your warning in my DM Sam. That's nothing to be concerned about. Hmm. But yeah. Refreshing?
Refreshing doesn't fix it for me.
Refreshing the page seems to work , but when I use the equation editor it starts again
one more thing , but don't know if its related to this or not, Screenshot of what I see in canary, but not in chrome beta
1 Attachment
That seems like it would be an unrelated issue. It looks like there's some weird font stuff going on in Windows. We'll definitely need to look into that.
I'm firing up a Windows VM to check what I see in Chrome.
Another unrelated bug: The chat window seems to be bugged, and won't say how many new questions have been asked in other groups.
Yeah, we found that one, I think mattfeury is on it.
Ok, I was able to confirm this bug exists in Chrome/Windows, but not in Chrome/Mac. That's very annoying. heh.
ok :)
@.Sam. Is 19 a beta? I have 19 on the mac that reports itself as a stable. o.O
I'm using chrome 20 beta,
I just haven't updated to 20 yet.
Right, but your version is reporting itself as a beta, yeah? Could you try using a stable version of chrome and seeing if the problem persists?
I just want to see if there is an off chance that the problem may only exist on the beta channel.
I'm using chrome 19 right now, its still same
The problem only occurs when I use the equation editor
Alright, I've confirmed the issue and filed it. We'll try to get it fixed ASAP. Thanks for your help. (You too, @KingGeorge)
I've also tried firefox and it works :D
It works properly in Firefox or the bug also exists in firefox?
there's no bug for firefox, except for the summation sign is not there
1 Attachment
Also, if you're directly typing the LaTeX into the reply box, it's fine. It's just the equation editor.
or the "Sigma"
/me slaps Firefox with a trout.
I've got to go
K. Thanks Sam. I've filed both bugs. I can't reproduce the issue with the dropdown being too large. :\
ok, we'll chat later if you need more info ;)
I'm having the same issue, the issue where I'm typing in the equation editor and then it switches automatically back to the regular typing box.
Why does it say all the posts in this thread were posted yesterday?
Er. Interesting. The only way that makes sense is if the relative timestamps are, for some reason, being calculated from UTC and not your local timezone. I'm seeing it too. o.O
farm I just thought that OpenStudy invented time travel.
lol i was beginning to put "in it works fine 4 me" but i got to "it wor" before the editor changed. im in chrome as well.

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