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Bug Report: IP Check not working properly Hi! The "IP-Check" result is inaccessible (highlighted or copied) via Google Chrome (19.0.1084.46 m) running under Windows. The only work around is to use Ctrl+C and copy the whole thing within that mini window. An amusing fact is that everything works fine in Mozilla firefox!

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Do you mean you can't copy the results of the IP check?
I can using only Ctrl+C but unlike Firefox chrome is not letting me to highlight and select copy.
This is most likely a browser specific issue. Those alert dialogs are made by the browser not us.

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Other answers:

But everything works fine in Chrome same version, running in a Mac machine.
@blues, @myininaya and @farmdawgnation confirmed me.
Yeah, that still means it's likely a problem with Chrome, unfortunately.
The behavior of those dialogs are determined by Windows and Mac, respectively.
Boom :/
Yeah, I think the only reason FF works is because they implement custom dialog code whereas Chrome using the builtin stuff from Windows.
I used to think that it was intended like that by you guys.
Negative sir, copy and paste is clutch. That said, it might be worth looking into implementing our own replacement for browser alerts if there are significant behavior differences like this. They also do stupid things like pause all other code on the page, which is what usually results in two mods issuing a suspension at the same time.
Works just fine in Firefox 12.0 / MacOS 10.6 as well.
I suppose you guys are using alert()? Can't you guys just use some sort of mini-window?
Well, Lift, our framework, has builtin support for triggering alert(), prompt(), and confirm() boxes via AJAX. So, they are just dead simple to do.
Hm, So I think I have to move to FF again :/

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