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Why are there no mods on and the ones that are on are "undercover" and absolutely worthless? Again?

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how do u mean?
well there is not a single mod on besides me and I'm only a group mod, and I have a feeling that one of the users trolling is a mod but if not, either way, we need mods on, bc this is ridiculous.
They should make a sceduleish type thing so there is someone on

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Other answers:

do you reckon that the mods are humans? and do you also know about time zones? does the above two questions raise issues that should answer you?
lol we have mods from many different countries. Specifically for time differences.
looks like you addressed only the second question, that said, why would you use the words "absolutely worthless"? i hope you know what you're asking for.... right?
This site has become a big playoff since the mods aren't there.
This is why more mods should be elected by the end of the month.
Of course the mods are humans, I'm gooooonnnaa bite my tongue and because they can't use mod powers if they are *undercover* they lose their powers. It's obnoxious htat I've been on consistently and their are no mods around and chaos and mayhem is happening.
*that *there
The users have crossed their limit. I guess the mods should be online.
what do you mean by "undercover" ?
they make second+ accounts and look like regular users
We're investigating on something.
Right becky? ;)
lol yeah
give me an example :) i'd be glad to find out :)
um hold on I'll msg you an example
why don't u message them and tell them to get on? do u really know what they go through as mods? seriously? don't just make judgement calls because u can, considerate 2.the mods CANNOT always be on 3.they do not work for OS full time 4.OS cannot get a lot of mods given the user scale it's on now and 5.the current mods are not across all time zones or just enough that some should be on all the time. 6.They have lives to live meaning when they're awake, it doesn't mean they MUST be here. 7.I want you to become a mod so I can bombard you like the mods are bombarded with complaints all the time :)
lol Saso, I'm friends with most of the mods and I really mean most.. I'm not judging anyone, I'm making a statement/request that they have *someone* present to control the chaos.
you just called them absolutely worthless, maybe u didn't catch that as a judgement call :) but all good, i'm out of this question
They think I"m adorable :3 and they made me group I didn't call anyone worthless I made it known that their "undercover" position was worthless...
We must make a secret mod here. Some trolls think that they can easily troll in the absence of mods.
omg yes! fool likes hiding lets make him one ;D
Fool is already a mod on here. haha
I know but give him invisible purple :D
It really has gotten out of hand though. OS cannot be run without babysitters. I have, however, noticed that the times where there have been no mods have been between 1am-5 or 6am my time (EST) So there's something for them to work with so it's not just random "no one's one".
"no one's on**" not one my bad
Hello @rebeccaskell94 - sorry to hear about this. In terms of moderators being on, I can assure you that they are here, though may be away from their keyboard. Also, this is one of the reasons that Reporting Abuse is so important - this generates a message that a moderator deals with. Hopefully we can improve this for you going forward, and sorry for any issues
Hey, no worries :D thankss
I think @shadowfiend 's cat is on between 1 and 5. :p
I'm sorry I wasn't here. I was sleeping.
Lol Myin...that's not allowed ;P It was only like 3am ;D Is Shadow's cat cute too?
I don't know. I just know that @shadowfiend 's cat has been on late at night. I don't think he is a very good mod though (talking about the cat). I have talked to his cat but his cat never talks back. So....
Cats are typically antisocial

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