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Did LHC start again?didn't Cern said they would stop it in2012 for a year to check the department?

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i heard it was goin on i mean dunno much but yea experiment is going on in newzealand-- geneva .. i pray it get successful..
i also hear due to ome problem it also got topped several time but or fabulous engg remove dat problems too :P
It had some flaws

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Other answers:

frank y dont u put ur own pic o.O
you know about the Superluminal Neutrino stuff,it's turned out to be the timechecking problems
heena, same to you~~
lol,actually ,i knew why ...i am just asking the question to complete the mission "first question"
shame on you!!!
oh i will give you the first best question then
lol i dont dat muc pretty so i wont :P and abu LHC i tudies in evolution so dunno abu neutrino stuff.. as in evolution we also dicussed abu 2012 problems ~.^
2012 problems i mean the case and u knw rumours abu the end :P
and hunter wat u guy knw abu LHC i heard china have more info abu these kind stuff rather than india :(
what do you think of that \faster than light\ neutrino result?
Hey UnkleRhaukus, that's possible, but not in our dimentions
really?? guys is is true to make time machine den?? or it still a mystery??
yeah i could bring my self to believe it but it was coming up in a lot of media
i found something in a scientific magazine, it said that there're numerous microWormhole-- let say Einstein - Rosen bridges on every simgle mass. if we are going to make time travel or wormhole travel possible, we have to transvert them or magnify these micowormholes to the really big ones~!
duh i m imagining ur words as i saw in a movie @Frank_Shank lol :P
UnkleRhaukus the media had comfirmed that it was a mistake by time checking sattelite
oh i see now,
oh... o.O dea wat u says guys evryone opinion on LHC plz u guy really think dat planets are formed acc. to big bang theory?? sorry for the mistake
...i believe the energy is not enough to create such a thing..higgs particle is the best prize for LHC
wow frank have u seen that whole like dis and u sure that it actaully look like this??
that's a wormhole
i agree and i think by creating condition by LHC as before the earth was formed shows the similar result so might be possible too
sorry but i still sont blv dat der is any exisitence of time machine will be or the dimension as said by u by xplaining it by wormhole :O
that's not LHC's work heena, it can't simulate the big bang
yea but it is also included in that thing right but i wonder wat really dat machines do o.O
i'm not sure about timemachine stuffs, if i am, why should i study? LHC=Large Hadron Collider
stupid i knw wat is LHC but i m wandering how it works like making such condition by doing colliosion :O
his main job is to find out the higgs particles
and u studing abu time meachine :O really??
hey higg particle i heard it first time wat is it??
hmm... still wonder how can it be possible :O ok let think like dat if it come true mean the theory of natural selection will be true den and it will be applied on ourself maean only dey will survive who is selcted by nature :O
@shivam_bhalla wat u think?
? does higgs have something to do with biology
the theoretical higgs particle is particle that carries mass
no but u knw if it true about big bang theory i knw it wa accepted one but my personal view if its true means only those will survive who can have resistance gene in them to tolerate such condition or say have more adaptable to local environment and frank it its truee means the world end i near and new world is going to formed in which only those will be survive who are selected by nature..
are you confused or not heena?
what was the first thing that ever happend as far back in time that can be known
are u gettin my point wat we can do if the mission got succesful abu LHC c'mon think abu it i mean scientit are only trying to make continuity of our species .. that is homosapiens not to protect evryone..
@heena, think about what ??
lol shivam abu LHC xperiment??
sorry i didnt get ur point @UnkleRhaukus will u plz rephrase it again..
My point was that i do not understand what you are tring to say
LHC experiment is basically the best of physics discovery. Though it has been in the news for all the wrong reasons such as discovery of particle faster than light(later turned out to be miscalculation as cables were faulty :P) and the higgs boson particle but still a very important milestone in physics
i m trying to say that wa happens if the experiment going underground get ucceful and if it was going seriously means dey now end is near right and wat if it get succesful dey cant protect evryone on earth... isntd?
@heena , LOL Where did " cant protect evryone on earth." come from ?? :P
well if we go through evolution theory it was concluded dat only those organism survived who have resistance gene in them due to some genetic variation which make dem diff among their species
@shivam_bhalla it my own thought dat wat if LHC got successful scientist are only trying to make continuity of homospaiens
what are you regarding as success/? @heena
.....hey,hey......why do you guys start to talk about science fiction
success as we know the main moto of LHC is to create such condition as the earth form so if LhC experiment got success so continuity of homosapiens will be not stopped.. but..
hey hunter jut clearing my doubts and sharing my view :P
i didn't know that
just guys go on...
lol hunter i agree wid frank shame on u :P
lol...seems somehow i became shameless............actually most things you are talking about are just theory and not proved yet...
well but such things are proved too in evolution concept .. hmm...
evolution concept is the compelx one which we haven't summerized yet. I believe there's a hypothesis--life forms are the feedback of universe. hmm.. like philosopy question now.
no but u cant deny the observation too frank dat proof dat most accepted hypothesis were not wrong
i think time travel is possible if we think abt stephen hawking's theory,also einstein's theory of relativity. it can be possible if we make a train which approches speed of light and if we travel in that train, for 2 hrs which have passed on the earth we would have only 1and a half hrs passed.

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