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I can only see one fan in my fan list (who is not my fan actually) Same thing happens in the fan testimonials

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Hmm, interesting... I'll look into this for you @Callisto - cheers!
Thanks Colm !~

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Other answers:

Ah, I have a decent idea of what will be causing this. We'll look into it!
Thanks @shadowfiend too!
We're fairly certain we know why this is happening; we're looking into a fix now.
yeah, me too - same trouble - just checked my own profile.
Same here but at first it wouldn't even let me view my fans.
i went to go view my fans and it show the same guy so i looked at a person i fanned and it only showed that guy.
he isn't even a person who fanned me
He wasn't even a person who fanned me either! For that fact I don't even know who he is...
same here what is with these bugs. yesterday it wasn't leting me see the groupds all it let me do is look at people i fanned my profile and message people i fanned
And who writes "Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries of Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the meedeorites." as a testimonial anyways?
idk i guess just that guy
Maybe... But someone said that they added new updates for OS and that's what causing the bugs.
wow. i haven't even added a new updated for OS.
Lol, no I meant that they added new updates to the OS site!
o lol
Lol, ya. :P
y did they have to have these updates it messes alot of things up.
like the grade y do we need to be graded. y didn't it let us sick to the thing when i first joined when you do a amount of things you level up.
They add the new updates to make the site better. Sometimes there's bugs and sometimes there not. I had these problems allot on other websites to whenever they updated it. They know that bugs will come on but they have to update the site sometimes.The people usually fix them pretty quick but there still annoying... - -
Maybe they switched because people didn't like having to do things to level up? Or maybe they though it was better to do it that way?
I hate it though when they change the site to something different when it was fine the way it was from the beginning
i agree
Hopefully they will have better changes in the future and will keep the good ones the way they are instead of changing them.OS would be allot better off if they did.
Lol Ashwin Ram is a Co-founder of Openstudy :)
lol i looked at the fan testimonials it says 0 i clicked on it it shows that guy. and lol
He is? o.o I take back everything I said about your testimonial! It is a wonderful testimonial!
Folks, what you're seeing there is a template, not an actual testimonial. There is an error that is causing things to go sideways, so the template never gets replaced with real content. We're working up a fix today or tomorrow. Sorry for the nasty! here scroll down to who we are part
Just my luck, I end up dissing the co founder. - - I really hope he doesn't read my earlier comment....
Colm Shalvey is on here and i seen him before looking at questions Colm Shalvey - is the Social Media and Online Community Manager for OpenStudy. He previously worked as the Marketing Coordinator at Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP, specializing in social media. He graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Economics. He was also a scholarship soccer player during his time there. In his free time he enjoys reading, trying to relive past soccer glories, and visiting Ireland - where he is teased mercilessly for losing his accent.
? lol
One of my earlier comments I wrote posted again for some reason. :P
See, it did it again!?
Stupid bugs.. - -
This is awkward.
XD are their anyother things that happened
Lol, I was just about to ask you the same thing! But thankfully no, nothing else has happen. Well, not yet that is. How about you?
just the the thing that happened yesterday
lol i sm gonna see what happens if i fan him
I'll try too. :P
click the profile XD
a whole diff pice
Hey, why does he get to write a testimonial for himself?! So not fair...I've been wanting to do that too.
after i fanned him the comment went away now it just shows a pic
Creepy pic. o.0
yep lol
make another profile then you can
jk lol
wtf i clicked its fans it shows people i click mine it shows him
Lucky you, it doesn't even show anything for me. - -
Stupid. *click* Fan. *click click* Thingy. Why won't you work!? D:
only on his it showed fans. mine it only show him. so i looked at yours and it show just him.
how jacked up is this. lol
i looked at his again it just show him
Lol, I know right!? Ugh, not to sound mean or anything but I'm really starting to hate this guys face popping up every where. - -
Maybe he's planning to take over OS or something....
It would make sense though. One profile at a time... Annoying OS people every where....
i g2g talk to you later and Lol XD
So do I. Ttyl too. :P
I had that too... but did you see his score? 222... wow.
i thought all my fans took off... :(
surprise.. :)
u work hard... :)
Thanks :)
Seems the problem is fixed ._. Thanks!~
Yours is fixed? Mine still pops up with the one fan.... - -
Never mind! It's fixed. =:)

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