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The weekly Awesome Facts / Discussion add a lot to Bio. In the interest of finding a self sustaining, workable and fair way to keep them going, BioMed and I would like to rotate the job of leading the discussion through the group. We have outlined a possible plan for how to work this and we would like your thoughts - feedback, ideas, comments, alternate suggestions, the works.

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- Each week has two discussion posts: Sunday and Thursday. So when it is your turn you get to pick two topics and lead two discussions. - "Leading the discussion" means you pick and post the discussion topic, provide some basic background on it, possibly some links or further references and some pointers or broad questions to guide the discussion. - On Sunday, everyone who wants to be discussion leader next week includes a note to that effect in their response to the discussion. *Not* a well reasoned essay on why it should be you with letters of recommendation and your resume attached - just a one line, "Btw, I would like to pick topics for the discussions next week." - Of these people interested (and only these people interested), the current discussion leader picks who it will be and announces it when they post the next discussion on Thursday. - Once you have had a turn, you will wait until everyone else who wants a turn has had one. With no exceptions. You can certainly still put your name in the bucket on Sunday and if everyone else who wants a turn has also already had one, then you might be chosen again. - There will be no lobbying or pressuring the discussion leader to pick you (or anyone else), no attempts to game the system by volunteering and then telling others not to, no hard feelings or unpleasantness if you are not chosen and no abuse of any other form. - When you are picked to lead a discussion, the current discussion leader will send you a list of the people who have already had a turn. That way you will know who is still waiting for a turn. When you pick the person to lead the discussion next week, you will send them the list with your own name on it. I will also keep my own running copy of this list and can clear up any confusion. Are you interested? Are you not interested? Do you have criticisms, ideas, suggestions or even comments of your own? Please let us know.
Its a good way of learning and hopefully it can continue. Me and blues have been talking about this for a while and its probably the best way to keep it alive and helping everyone @heena @haileylee93 @flower77 @BaileyC @sheena101 add others in the Bio page plz and let us know what ya think
I LOVE it. If you schedule it, I will try to attend!!!! You are awesome.

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Other answers:

ofcourse but i m sorry to say this but u knw i m just in high school so dont have much knowledge but i have a request plz dont bound me by giving topic i m mean me myself find topic of my level from my course and try to share it wid all a by this i can do revision too :)
you can look it up
Until this is sorted out, I'm going to start a general awesome biology facts thread without any set topic (which I'd actually been planning to do before I saw this post). I figure it might be good to get something started, in part so we can see what sorts of things people here are interested in.
Heena: Firstly, you know a great deal and alll the people you have helped here on OpenStudy agree with me on that. Secondly, I think the most important reason for giving others a chance to pick topics and lead discussions is to get a variety which covers the group's interests - variety in terms both of subject topic and subject level. I *hope* that different people will post on different levels - your videos about platelets in one of the last bio fun facts were wonderful and they would have made a great discussion all by themselves!
yea i ll try to keep a track wid u guys as much i can do as i never hesitate in biology to learn or share something u knw dat ;) as much i can i can i ll surely do blues :) so wait for one more day den post ur shedule abu these things.. coz i m sure @nazima @Devanshi @cmkc109 @ebaxter01 @exuras let dem see this too :)
Cool. :D And I would like to emphasize - of course no one would be bound to lead the discussion. If you do want to be considered for it, all you would do is say so in your post. Otherwise, just don't volunteer for it.
no actaully im ention becoz we already dicuss abu this and i knw dey are intersted dat y i mention if anyone of dem like to raise der view dey have no boundation to take part in it is necessarily :)
Sounds awesome! :)
I think it's a great way for people to interact and learn new things on OS. Definitely something I would be interested in. :)
That sounds really interesting..:)
Nothing bad about it. Gives us a good opportunity to learn something every week.
Well, thats a brilliant idea! I think Werner Heisenberg and Albert Einstein had something equal :D They called it "Freitagsgesellschaft" (Fridays-Society) and every week one of the participants was creating a speech to a free choosen topic and after it all were diskussing about it. Brought out many interesting thoughts! So I'm very excited about that :)
You guys are awesome :D Sounds like a great plan! Sorry I haven't been around to have some input :/

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