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Bug Report: *The Notifier Dilemma* Hello, my current notification setting is “Notify me about mentions when: People I’ve fanned mentions me”. Just few minutes ago I received a notification “sammy90210 replied to Use a graphing utility to approximate (to two-decimal-place accuracy) any relative minimum or maximu…” Neither I had fanned that user nor I had commented in that thread, but still I was notified. This is thread url: **Please note: I ran some simulation using my sock puppet and noticed that this is not happening always but only in some cases. Thanks,

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That looks like a reply notification. You are notified about replies to questions you've participated in regardless. Only @-mentions are affected by that setting. Does that make sense?
>>"That looks like a reply notification. You are notified about replies to questions you've participated in regardless." Yes in some cases when another user use @-mention (but not always). >>"Only @-mentions are affected by that setting." I don't understand.
Again: "sammy90210 replied to identify graph transformation"

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Other answers:

Oh interesting interesting. We'll have a look for sure, thanks for letting us know.
Glad to help :)
So, er, wait. You're getting reply notifications when those users mention you... ohhhhhhhh. Hm.
I may or may not be an idiot.
Yes. I shouldn't be notified in the first place (due to my settings)
Yeah, I fixed a bug where people weren't getting notified often enough. My fix just worked a little, er, too well. :D
Heh, you did something selective? I noticed things working correctly on my sock puppets.
Well, essentially the code I wrote will generate a reply notification if you were mentioned but your privacy settings would have otherwise blocked it. That's obviously an error. heh.
A reply notification for mentions, that's awry isn't?
Well, not entirely. Because if you participate in a thread, and someone mentions you we still want to generate a regular reply notification for that post.
Okay, you created this bug you will fix it. Else I am holding you responsible for everything. :P
What else is new? I'm working on a fix atm.
Yesterday, I was facing some lagging issues like questions were not loading properly, I fixed it by clicking the groups via the group selection bar. @Diyadiya faced this problem later.
Define "not loading properly"
It's hard to define. No questions left or right is blue. Chats were loading fine.
Oh, it sounds like you weren't actually being dropped in a group?
@farmdawgnation i think there was a post with screen shot
If so, then we're aware of that.
That's right Farm.
Yeah, we're going to drop some code on the server to figure out what's going on with that. Basically, next time it happens to my account after the deploy we're going to get all sorts of helpful information outputted to our log files.
Deploy is scheduled for tomorrow morning, so hopefully tomorrow sometime we'll have an idea of what's going on.
Alright, I don't think I am aware of any other bug right now.
That's because there are no more, of course. :P
Heh, hope so :)
The fix has not been deployed. Please watch for release notes that mention the bug.
Should be soon.
Alright, Thanks.

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