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Can someone please explain and show me how to do these please. 1.) x^2 – 8x + 15 2.) a^2 – a – 20 3.)a^2 – 5a – 20 4.)a^2 + 12ab + 27b^2 5.)2a^2 + 30a + 100

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@Roya Could you help me?
all of 'em?

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Other answers:

dear i 'll . u need to find out x and a ?
Yes please. Well, yeah. :/ It's factoring trinomials.
Instructions say --> Factor each trinomial below. Please show your work
x^2-8x+15=0 (x-3)(x-5)
for ex for this one think about two numbers which their multiple product be 15 and their product of sum be -8
we know that 3*5 is 15 and we check if the some of them is -8 or not ? 5+3=8 but with a little experience we guess -3+-5=-8
I see.
20=10*2 10*2=8 10-2=8 20=5*4 5+4=9 5-4=1 4-5=-1 so can u find out the factors ?
10 and 5
u mean (a-10)(a-5) ?
Wait, which one are we on?
The second one?
I'd say the factors would be -10 and -5.
look at what i wrote before . 4-5=-1 4*-5=-20
(a-1) (a-10)
not -10 I meant a-1 * a-20
a^2-11a+10 is it ur equation ?
a^2-21a+20 is it ur equation
So confusing. :/
don't be confuse it's need just practice . look at what i done
for second one as i wrote before the answer is : a-5*a+4
i think the third one is not correct but let's check forth one :
The question for #2 is, a^2 – a – 20. So, I have to find the product of -a and the sum of -20, right?
All those up top are questions, I have to factor all of them.
u know (a+b)^2= a^2+2ab+b^2 can u guess what we should put in my equation instead b ? because u see that first term didn't change
ok i solve num 3 as well but first the easier
Let's do #2, again.
a^2 – a – 20
What would I do first?
for factories as i remember we have some ways can u tell me the ways ?
Find the product of one and the sum of another.
plz tell me all the method
I don't know..
one is (x+b)(x+a)=x^2+(a+b)+ab that's what u mentioned .
fortunately we can solve #2 with this : so look at 20 tell me product of which numbers make 20?
and 1- - 2 = 8
10 - 2 = 8
so 10 and 8?
look at our formula coefficient of x is equal to sum of the numbers , am i correct ?
ok now tell me is the sum of 10 and 2 equal to -1 ?
10 + 2 = 12. 12 + (-13) = -1
dear now what's ur number ? check them
The sum of 10 and 2 is 12, right?
Okay, so the sum of 10 and 2 isn't -1.
dear don't be confuse . may i know what's ur grade ? high school ?
where r u from ?
I just need to complete these 5 questions for my assignment or I get kicked out of my class. I'm from USA.
dear i'm here till tomorrow morning and i'll help u . u r just 16 years old . never mind dear no one kick u out
lets learn it again with each other ok ? ready ? fasten ur seat belt
I'm 17. I've failed Algebra 3 times. I just don't understand it. I'd be graduated by now if it wasn't for Algebra.
u r a genius . may i know ur name ?
Possibly. What's yours?
dear algebra is sweet if u touch it and guess it .
my name is roya . i'm iranian and i'm 21 . i'm electrical engineering student and mu=y name means dream . any thing else ? i'm a girl
Ha. I'm a boy, 17 the name is Dylan and I'm from Florida.
ok are u ready ?
My name is Careless because eeveryone calls me that and I don't care about anything but computers and programming and processing. Yes, I'm ready. Let's start with #2... again. please.
dear look at # 2 . and compare it with our formula a^2-a-20
our formula for this one is x^2+(a+b)x+ab
so we should find 2 numbers which their mlt = -20 and their sum = -1 ok ?
so tell me the numbers which their mlt = -20
-10 * 2
can u tell me their sum ?
sum of...?
-10 + 2?
as u and me know their sum is 10-2 =8 ok ?
or as u wrote -10+2=-8
none of them are equal to -1 . am i right ?
so let's try another numbers . tell me two other number's which mlt=-20
ok and tell me the sum
-5 + 4 = -1///
(x-5) (x+4) .... ^_^
so u find two numbers which mlt=-20 and sum = -1 so put them in our formula
such a genius boy . u should proud of urself .
know multiple two terms to check ur answer .
So, I got it right?
ok i give u another ex and plz solve it for me .
mlt of 5 and sum of 6.. is....
oh oh ! mlt=6 sum=5
2.5 * 2 = 5 and 3* 2 = 6...
note that u can't change the number for sum and mlt
3*2 = 6 and 3+2 = 5...
fantastic so put them in formula
(x+3) (x+2)
great job , look at this one : x^2+11x+18
first tell me the mlt and sum :
9-2 = 18 and 9+2 = 11. (x+9) (x+2)
9*2 = 18 and 9+2 = 11.
9-2 no 9*2 dear yes u solve it .
I get THOSE.. why can't I get M questions...
Like this.. a^2 – 5a – 20..
sum of 5 and mlt of 20..
sum of -5 and -20*
it's a bit more difficult
Ugh. Sum of -5 and mlt of -20.**
How so? What do I have to do now?
HEY. I'm going to close this question and open another one. This one is getting laggy.

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