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Release 05/25/2012: Boatload of Bugfixes

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The duck is at it again *NOM NOM NOM*
Hey everybody, this release features a handful of bugfixes. - Fixes to how the smart score graph is drawn in certain situations. - Fix the equation editor button display in FireFox - Fix to the chat autoload - Fix the unseen update counts. - Fixes to templates. - Fix for duplicates appearing in mention suggestions. - Fixes for the equation editor loosing focus as you type. - Various display fixes. - Fixes for memory leaks in server-side parts of the code. - Fix for reply/mention notification weirdness when your privacy settings are anything other than "Always" - Fixes for positioning of tooltips.
Also, worth noting, as of this release we no longer officially support Firefox 3.6.

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Other answers:

Thanks! You guys are totally awesome!. ahem You're all doing a wonderful job! *Jim Carrey voice*
We now only support the latest version of Firefox. heh. :)
I have the one before the latest D: What's gonna happen to meh?!
You should upgrade to Firefox 12. :)
*grumble grumble* *whine whine*
I think the fanlist has been fixed too :)
Oh. It might have been. heh.
Oh! Just a teeny little question about a bug...Can we still get msg's from people we've blocked?
I haven't looked into that bug that much honestly rebecca, but we just filed one that may be related. I'll add a comment to it about the blocking and whatnot.
Okay, no problem, I was just wondering :) thanks!
Thanks guys, you're awesome:D
this is LEGEN....wait for it......DARY
i think this is @farmdawgnation belated bday gift for me lol jkjk
hahahaha woww don't flatter yourself ;P
why not? @shadowfiend gave me an advanced birthday gift :p

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